When can I buy bulbs?

IMGP7439Knowing when to buy bulbs of different kinds can seem like a tricky task especially if you’re new to gardening. Bulbs are very rewarding and planting bulbs at the correct time will save you money and time.

If you want bulbs to flower in the late autumn like Colchicum or Autumn Flowering Crocus which flower September to November or spring bulbs like Crocus, Iris, Tulips, Daffodils & Narcissi, Hyacinths, Allium, Camassia, Anemone, Fritillaria, Muscari, Erythronium, Lilium, Scilla, Bluebells and Snowdrops then you need to order these bulbs in the autumn, these bulbs are delivered from August to end of November. These bulbs are the spring heralds who can resist their beauty especially after a cold wet winter. Bulbs bring the winter garden to life; there are bulbs for every garden situation.

For summer and late summer the bulbs-tubers or corms you need to be looking at are Gladioli with there beautiful spikes, Dahlias, Begonias, Lilium, Acidanthera, Crinum, Crocosmia, Galtonia, the exotic looking Ferraria Tigridia, Nerine, Polianthus, Trillium, Tulbaghia and Amaryllis Belladonna. All these bulbs are delivered and planted in the spring from Middle January to End of March.

Flower bulbs are very rewarding and excellent value for money, giving you flowers for all most all of the year from the Snowdrops as early as January to the late flowering of Dahlias and Begonias which will carry on until the hard frost has arrived.