Dahlia Tubers

Dahlia Tubers

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    Dahlia Ambition

    Dahlia Ambition

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  • Dahlias are a "must have" summer plant and you won't be at a loss for choice with our huge range of top quality, field grown dahlia tubers.

    These showy and stylish flowers are wonderfully productive making them an ideal plant for growing your own cut flowers. The excellent quality we supply means they have strong stems which adds to their longevity. They are extremely varied in size, shapes and colours which means there's one for any corner of the garden and, with our excellent range, our dahlias can provide your garden with colour from July to the first frosts. Plant dahlia tubers once the frosts are over in late March or early April. Use a large pot ( 2 or 3 litres) and multi-purpose potting compost. Alternatively, plant them directly in your garden borders. Dahlia tubers grow best in full sun and need to be kep damp. They will flower by the beginning of July and continue until the first frosts. Continuous picking will encourage additional flowering. 

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