Amaryllis Adele

Beautiful pink Indoor Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) our large bulbs will produce at least two stems with four or more flowers. Bring the garden inside in the cold winter months with these fabulous flower bulbs.
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  • Indoor Amaryllis bulbs are the perfect winter pick me up. With their amazing exotic flowers and startling height they also make perfect cut flowers.
    Colour Pink
    Month of Blooming February, April (Late)
    Planting Time Spring, Summer
    Height 50 cm
    Special Features Good for Cut Flowers
    Garden Position Sun, Partial shade
    Type of Soil Moderately Fertile, Well Drained
    Hardiness Indoor
    Delivery From mid February
  • Plant in loam based potting compost JI No.2.  Plant the bulb with the neck and shoulders just above the surface.  Place in dappled light or full sun, water sparingly until in growth, you can provide base heat to quicken the process.  Feeding around every two weeks with a good balanced fertilizer until the flower bud starts to open. 

    After flowering remove the flower stem as it withers and turns brown to about 1.5cm from the neck of the bulb, allow the leaves to die back naturally, they will need plenty of sunlight, once the chance of frost has gone in spring you can put them outside in a sunny position; reduce the amount of water it is important for the bulb to stay dry and the soil just moist but not wet. Shelter from heavy rain.  

    When dormant leave in the pot (they hate root disturbance) place in a shed garage or greenhouse to rest, repeat this process when ready to grow again replacing the top 4cm of compost with new compost. They should be re potted in fresh compost around every three years.

Amaryllis Adele

  • Amaryllis Adele
  • Amaryllis Adele