Tulip Ballerina
Tulip Ballerina Tulip Ballerina Bulb Tulip Ballerina Bulb Tulip Ballerina Bulb Tulip Ballerina Bulb

Tulip Ballerina Bulb


Delivery: End Aug to Feb

A startling orange tulip with a small golden orange edge with a blush of pink. It is one of the very few fragrant tulips. 


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Bulb Size (cm) 11 - 12cm Bulb
Colour Orange
Delivery period End Aug to Feb
Garden Position Sun
Hardiness Hardy
Height 55 cm
Month of Blooming April (Late), May (Early)
Planting Density (per square m) 60-75
Planting Depth 15cm
Planting Position Middle border, Back border
Planting Time Autumn, Winter
Scented Yes
Special Features Good for Cut Flowers, Fragrant, RHS Award of Garden Merit
Suitable for Pots Yes
Type of Soil Fertile, Well Drained

Add elegance and charm to your garden with Tulip Ballerina. This graceful tulip variety features slender, elongated petals. Its vibrant colors and exquisite form make it a captivating addition to any flower bed or container garden. Each petal of the tulip is a strong warm orange accented with a red glow emanating from the centre stripe. 

Planting Tulip Bulbs

When to Plant: Plant your Tulip Ballerina bulbs in autumn, around September to November. When the soil has cooled but is not frozen.

Choose a sunny or partially shaded location in your garden that has well-drained soil. Tulip Ballerina thrives in moist but not waterlogged conditions.

Planting Process:

a. Prepare the soil by removing weeds, rocks, and other debris. Loosen the soil to a depth of about 20 cm to facilitate root growth.

b. Dig a hole that is approximately 15-20 cm deep. For larger displays, you can dig a wider hole and plant multiple bulbs together, spacing them about 10-15 cm apart.

c. Place the Tulip Ballerina bulb with the pointed end facing upward into the hole. Cover the bulb with soil and gently firm it in place. It doesn’t matter if the bulbs fall over in the planting process. They will correct themselves.

Caring For Your Tulip Bulbs

After planting, water the bulbs thoroughly to settle the soil. Over winter tulip bulbs do not need too much water. At this stage the tulip bulb will produce fine roots ready for spring. Waterlogged soil will cause the roots to rot. Once the foliage starts to show, Tulip Ballerina requires regular watering, especially during dry spells, to keep the soil slightly moist but not waterlogged.

Prior to planting, enrich the soil with organic matter or bulb fertilizer. Once the leaves emerge, you can apply a balanced fertilizer to provide additional nutrients.

Apply a layer of mulch, such as straw or shredded bark, around the planted bulbs. Mulch helps retain moisture, suppresses weed growth, and protects the bulbs from extreme temperatures.

Deadheading: After the tulip flowers have faded, remove the spent blooms by cutting the stem just above the foliage. This prevents seed production and encourages the bulb to store energy for the next season.

Enjoying the Beauty of Tulip Ballerina

Blooming Period: Tulip Ballerina typically blooms in spring, adding a burst of colour and charm to your garden. Enjoy their stunning display as they dance gracefully in the breeze. They look fantastic on their own or planted with other colours, such as Queen of Night

Cut Flowers: If you wish to bring the beauty of Tulip Ballerina indoors, you can cut the flowers just as they start to open. Place them in a vase with fresh water, and they will continue to open fully, creating an enchanting centerpiece.

Longevity: Tulip Ballerina is a perennial tulip variety, meaning it will return year after year with proper care. However, it's important to note that the quality of blooms may diminish over time. To ensure a consistent display, consider replanting new bulbs every few years.

It is one of the very few tulips to be scented. A sweet and subtle scent that just catches your notice! It’s a very special tulip and always on our planting list.


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