Daffodil & Narcissus Mixture
Daffodil & Narcissus Mixture

Daffodil & Narcissus Mixture



Daffodil and Narcissus mixtures are away of bringing a mass of colour to the garden or simply a way of choosing colours you love for future colour schemes. Please note the image used is a representative of the Daffodil & Narcissus type only; we can’t guarantee the varieties will be in the mixture.

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Bulb Size (cm) 12 - 14cm Bulb
Planting Density (per square m) 50-60
Planting Depth 15cm
Planting Position Front border, Middle border, Back border
Scented No
Suitable for Pots Yes

Our Daffodil & Narcissus Mixture is a ‘must have’ collection of bulbs if you are looking to fill space and plant low maintenance flowers for early spring. 

Plant them and leave them

That’s all you have to do. 

They will grow in most soil types and sunny or semi-shaded areas.

Dig a hole 15cm deep, or dig a trench if you have lots to plant. Cover them over and let them do the rest of the work. 

There will usually be enough moisture in the soil over winter to help them establish roots. Maybe consider watering them if it is excessively dry. 

The beauty of a mixed selection is that early daffodils will begin to flower from late February. Later varieties will pop up and extend your flowering time until April.

A Daffodil & Narcissus Mixture is a naturalising collection, meaning they will divide or spread by seed and eventually begin to spread naturally if left undisturbed. These bulbs will reappear year after year. Just leave them in the ground.

If you don’t want them to spread you can remove the seed heads after flowering. This will help the bulbs put more energy ready for big and bold flowers the following year. 

It is usual for yellow daffodils to appear first and white narcissus bulbs generally come up later. Each flower lasts for upto 3 weeks so there will be a a good mix as the flowers transition. 

This selection is a mixture of bulbs from Divisions 1-4 which means they are the larger flowering varieties. Large cup, small cup, double and trumpet daffodils. Miniature daffodils, perhaps more diverse, are not included in this mix. You can find them here. 

To ensure a good crop the following year make sure you leave the foliage to die back naturally. The leaves will be gathering food for the bulbs for the next daffodil season. It is tempting to tidy them up or mow them before they are ready. Tying the leaves up will restrict the flow of nutrients to the bulb. 



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