Top 10 Small Flowering Bulbs

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  1. Allium Roseum Bulb
    Allium Roseum Bulb
    • £3.25 for 25
    • £25.00 for 250
  2. Allium Sphaerocephalon (Drumsticks) Bulb
    Allium Sphaerocephalon (Drumsticks) Bulb
    • £3.75 for 25
    • £32.50 for 250
  3. Chionodoxa Sardensis Bulb
    Chionodoxa Sardensis Bulb
    • £4.50 for 25
    • £40.00 for 250
  4. Crocus Tommasinianus Bulb
    Crocus Tommasinianus Bulb
    • £4.25 for 25
    • £37.50 for 250
  5. Gladiolus Byzantinus (Communis) Subsp. Italicus
  6. Iris Reticulata Pixie ®
    Iris Reticulata Pixie ®
    • £5.00 for 25
    • £45.00 for 250
  7. Muscari Latifolium
    Muscari Latifolium
    • £3.50 for 25
    • £30.00 for 250
  8. Puschkinia Libanotica "Russian Snowdrop" Bulb
  9. Scilla Siberica Alba Bulb
    Scilla Siberica Alba Bulb
    • £5.25 for 25
    • £47.50 for 250
  10. Triteleia Queen Fabiola (Brodiaea ) Bulb
    Triteleia Queen Fabiola (Brodiaea ) Bulb
    • £3.00 for 25
    • £25.00 for 250
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10 Items

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The following bulbs don't get a lot of time in the spotlight. They can't be faulted for their durability and perennial abilities, so they not only don't cost a lot, they will continue to flower for years to come. Many of these bulbs are naturalising, meaning they will even spread by seed or by dividing.

They may not be as bold as the tulip, they may not all have long enough stems to fit in a vase however they are hard working garden plants. Fitting into almost any garden with interesting foliage and colour. They can create carpets of flowers, accents in pots or remain inconspicuous as underplanting in beds.

The benefit of small bulbs is that you can buy so many more of them and fill your garden with dense segments of colour. This low maintenance and cost effective collection would be enough to populate your garden with flowers from early spring into early summer. 

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