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Parrot Tulips have exotic wavy, twisted and deeply frilled petals, there spectacular flowers are perfect for the cottage to contemporary garden, these flamboyant Tulips are excellent planted in pots, the stems can be soft and can sometimes have a cascade effect.  

All Tulips are excellent for cut flowers, except the shorter specie varieties. Bulb size between 11/12 to 12//+ cm.

Parrot tulip bulbs are the pinnacle of the tulip’s long development and intensive breeding. Deeply fringed and ruffled, these large tulips never cease to amaze. But what is it that makes a parrot tulip so intricate?

Fringed tulips are one thing. The frosted edges of these tulips can be subtle or like large crystals on the tips of the petal. Parrot tulip bulbs employ some of this fringing to add to their rumpled and curled blooms. However during the 1900s much attention was spent on breeding the mutations of many classic bulbs. For example Rococo is a mutation of Couleur Cardinal.   

Much like Rembrandt tulips the object was to capture some of the misformations in flowers. Happy accidents that the growers could hang onto. It is a remarkable achievement and they are very enjoyable flowers.

How to care for Parrot tulips

Many parrot tulip flowers are very large and need a big bulb to supply them with enough food. Indeed, they can be so large that the stems struggle to hold them up!

This can be exaggerated when placed in a vase. The flowers will make a cascading snake-like trajectory. Air in the stem can cause tulips to droop too. A strategic pin prick can release the air and allow the tulips to stand up right. But consider mixing in a few singles to your arrangement to balance the heavy headed flowers.

They generally perform much better in the garden. Give them room and pride of place. A good deep pot is always a worthy home for these attention grabbing tulips. 

We supply 11/12 or 12+ size bulbs which are plenty big enough. 

Will parrot tulips flower again next year?

They will try, but you need a good big bulb for the best performance. You can give tulips their best chance at reflowering by removing the seed heads after flowering. Feeding and letting the foliage die back naturally.

Lift the bulbs in summer and take away the very small bulbs. You can replant them in autumn.  



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