Lilium Black Beauty

Claret red flowers, greenish white throat, black stems.
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  • Colour Black, Green, Pink, White
    Month of Blooming July, August, September
    Height 110 cm
    Garden Position Sun
    Type of Soil Well Drained, Alkaline
    Hardiness Hardy
    Delivery From mid February
  • Lilium should be planted on receipt; if it is not possible to plant they should be kept in cool conditions. Most lilies require full sun for most of the day but will take dappled shade for part of the day. A well-drained, sandy, rich soil with a little added humus is ideal. Lilium should be planted around 17-20 cm deep and around 30 – 40 cm apart. Plant Trumpet and Oriental varieties at around a depth of 20-25 cm for extra protection. Lilium grown in containers should be planted around 15 cm deep allow around 10-15 cm of soil above the bulb. Use JI No.2. Feed regularly with a good balanced fertiliser. Do not let bulbs get below freezing. When cutting the stems it is important to leave at least one third, this will help the bulb mature properly as the stem dies. See our special lilium planting guide for further information.

Lilium Black Beauty

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