• Our New Redesigned Website

    Tulipa_6After a few months of creating our new website which has been fun; occasionally a little bumpy; here we are, finally at the launch, we’ve tried to make the site clear and easy to use, we've included a new feature; you can now search by name or colour.

    If you choose to search by colour you will get a list of everything we sell in that colour range from autumn and spring, you will only see the prices for the current season. We’ve also included a general planting guide to help you with planting depths and how many to use per square meter.

    Keep an eye on the specials section we will be adding new items here, if you think there is a bulb that merits being on our list just let us know though the feedback and we can have a look. You can also let us know what you think of the new website good and bad, we hope not to much bad.

    If you would like any of your garden pictures in the Gallery please email them to us, we will not include names or addresses, it may inspire other customers to try new planting combinations, it’s also nice for us to see what you all achieve.

    Bulbs are amazing they reward you with so much; they have style and grace, they can behave like naughty children and drive you to distraction, they can sit quietly in the background and add dimension to a border or blaze like jewels in the flower beds and pots, what ever space you have bulbs are a must have purchase.

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