• The Splendor of Daffodil Bulbs

    Sweet_Love2Daffodils give so much pleasure especially after the long winter months, the beauty of daffodils are the choice of colour, shape and height and daffodils are an ideal choice if you’re new to gardening they are easy to grow and will reward you for many years. Daffodils are ideal for children to grow especially the miniature varieties in pots, where they can watch the daffodils develop and produce their lovely flowers.

    When choosing daffodils it’s important to pick the right variety for your particular garden situation miniature daffodils are not easily seen from a distance and double daffodils do not work very well in woodland situations, daffodils make an ideal choice for all garden situations plant the beautiful Jonquilla and Tazetta varieties of daffodils near windows and doors and their beautiful perfume will drift and fill the air.

    Daffodils are very resilient they love their roots deep where they can keep moist in dry weather even in winter, feed as soon as the daffodils finish flowering every couple of weeks with a high potash fertilizer and the daffodils will keep on rewarding you with their beautiful display each spring, sit back and watch the beauty of daffodils unfold in the spring.

  • The Beauty of Flower Bulbs

    MAY_10_454Flower bulbs are a must for any garden, there is such a wide variety of flower bulbs available, knowing where to start, who to buy from and what to choose. Flower bulbs come in all shapes; sizes and heights, there are flower bulbs to suit any location. Decide on the heights you want and colours, look at your garden situation is it prone to be too wet or dry do you have windy conditions; does it suffer from frost pockets, this is where a good supplier of flower bulbs can help, they should be able to give comprehensive advise on the right type of flower bulbs for these situations,

    Flower bulbs will bring colour to your garden from the depths of winter, if you have no garden there are flower bulbs that will bring colour and even perfume to your home.

    There is an amazing choice of flower bulbs you can use in pots they are ideal for balconies, patios, rockeries and garden borders, flower bulbs are excellent value for money.

    Flower bulbs provide you with the most wonderful floral firework display that will last for many months, find a good supplier to help you with your choice and planting guides, sit back and let the show begin.

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