• Different Types of Daffodil Bulbs

    Arguros_1aThe Daffodil is well known as one of the most recognisable flowers around, with very good reason; their cheerful appearance and gorgeous, sunny colour makes them popular with people everywhere. The great news for daffodil lovers is that their is a wide range of daffodil bulbs to tempt and inspire you, with such a wide choice of daffodils available you can extend the flowering season of the daffodils from End February to Mid April.

    On our list you will see daffodil are divided into 13 categories. These range from the popular and beautiful Division 1 daffodils, like Golden Harvest and Rijnvelds Early Sensation, to the wild type daffodils, Recurvus (Old Pheasant Eye) and the more unusual and rarer varieties of daffodil bulbs.

    Daffodils come in a wide range of colour from difference shades of yellow, cream, white and much more, if you are a lover of daffodils it is definitely worth exploring the different categories of daffodils bulbs the shapes and colours of daffodils is very wide and varied. Whether you’re a fan of the golden yellow daffodil or you prefer the smaller, more delicate versions, there is sure to be a selection of daffodils to enhance your garde

  • Choosing Bulbs for Sale

    084Everyone loves planting bulbs and watching them grow and produce their glorious flowers. There is such a huge choice of bulbs for sale for plant lovers, from early snowdrops, crocus, daffodils and tulips to a wide selection of alliums anemone, lilium, camassia, fritillarias and much more.

    The planting area

    The amount of space you have available can have an impact when choosing form the range of bulbs for sale. Most bulbs require space to develop and produce their offsets. Some bulbs for sale can take many years to develop the next generation. After all you wouldn’t want to put a 100 daffodils in to a small pot – less is always more, let the choice of bulbs for sale inspire you.

    What you like

    Probably the most important factor when choosing from bulbs for sale is the style of flower you like. We all have our favourites but sometimes it’s worth picking something a little different from the bulbs for sale and you may be pleasantly surprised by your choice. Choosing your favourite is an investment that will bring months of enjoyment and pleasure. Alliums are always such good value for money and give a wonderful display in May and June they are an excellent choice in the bulbs for sale list, experiment who knows you may discover beautiful bulbs for sale you never considered before.

  • Things to Consider when Planting Bulbs

    Muscari_azureumPlanting bulbs is something the vast majority of gardeners do every year. Growing your own flowers is exciting and getting it just right can be really rewarding, especially when they start to grow. There are a few things to consider then planting bulbs here are a few of them.

    The time of year

    Before you start planting bulbs check it’s the optimum time to plant, read any planting guides provided. For example, don’t buy daffodils in February. Planting bulbs at this time of year is a waste of your time and money.

    Where to plant

    Different bulbs require different conditions in which to grow to their full potential. When planting bulbs make sure you have enough water and light for their needs. Some bulbs like plenty of sunshine, whereas others prefer a shady nook. When planting bulbs make sure you plant to the correct depth; cyclamen need planting very shallow, almost at the top of the soil, whereas daffodils like to be planted deep. Planting bulbs correctly will reward you for many years.

    Caring for them

    Generally when you’re planting bulbs the care you give them will make it so much easier further down the line. Always use a good soil based compost if planting bulbs in pots, a high potash fertiliser is a perfect food. After planting bulbs let them develop and grow to around a few inches, then every two to three weeks give them a feed up to flowering and then you can stop feeding. This helps with the flower storage for the following year. Daffodils are best fed after flowering.

    Once you finish planting bulbs, sit back and wait for the floral spectacle to begin.

  • The Joy of growing your own flower bulbs

    Springflowering_Bulbs_1There is nothing like growing your own flowers; whether it’s planning and growing the correct colour for a special event, or planting flower bulbs perfect for the garden to bring it alive in the spring after the cold of a long winter. You could go to a supermarket and buy a bunch of the usual, but why not grow your own unusual varieties of flower bulbs. Peter Nyssen has such a large choice of flower bulbs, it’s the perfect place to start.

    There is such a large choice of flower bulbs, there is nothing like growing your own flowers, planning and growing the correct colour for a special event, flower bulbs are perfect for the garden to bring it alive in the spring after the cold of a long winter. Yes you can go to a supermarket and buy a bunch of the usual but why not grow your own unusual varieties of flower bulbs.

    In the garden flower bulbs give you an amazing array of options from height, size, colour and shape, there is something exciting and quiet special in being able to choose the flower bulbs that you want to grow, nurturing them from planting watching them develop in to a floral extravaganza.

    There are flower bulbs to suit every type of gardener. Flower bulbs are easy to grow and if you don’t want too much fuss and bother there is a flower bulb to suit you. Flower bulbs are perfect not just for the garden and garden pots but for window boxes and the alpine garden.

    Flower bulbs are a perfect introduction for children to gardening, they love to see the flower bulbs develop from planting to the first shoots and then watching the bud develop and burst to reveal a beautiful flower.

    Growing your own flower bulb is really rewarding, so if you’ve never done it before, why not treat yourself to a few beautiful flower bulbs and give it a go?

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