• Some of the best Autumn Bulbs

    A_AlliumAre you looking for some lovely autumn bulbs that you can plant now so they’ll flower in the spring? If so, read on to find out about some great autumn bulbs that could make a really lovely addition to your garden.

    Tulips are a very popular autumn bulb choice. The wide range of tulips available makes them even more appealing; with a variety of colours, shapes and flowering times on offer, they’re attractive to everyone. Have a look at the selections on our website to see what’s available.

    Crocus bulbs are one of the earliest to flower in the spring. These are really sweet, pretty flowers that look beautiful whether they are in little clumps or scattered around a planting area. The autumn is also a good time to plant daffodil bulbs; as some of the most popular springtime flowers, daffodils are a definite must have with a colour range, size and flowering time to suite any garden.

    You could also have a look at other autumn bulbs such as the iris from the dwarf flowering varieties that flower in February to the beautiful Dutch Iris that flower in June and make and ideal cutting flower, they are a great addition to any garden. The hyacinth is another favourite with there beautiful heady scent that fills the spring air.

    Allium bulbs provide a stunning display from May to June with there different shapes and sizes they are a bulb that should be planted in the autumn to give a stunning late spring early summer display.

  • Get Children Interested in Gardening

    Crocus_chrysanthus_Goldilocks (1)Working in the garden with your children can be really rewarding and a great thing to do – but how do you get them interested in it in the first place? Here are some tips on how to get your children excited about the garden.

    Make it manageable

    If you’re gardening with children, it’s probably best to keep things simple. Give them a small section of garden to work on and encourage everything they do.

    Get dirty

    It almost goes without saying that the majority of children rather like the dirt. As well as choosing your own bulbs let them choose the bulbs they would like to grow; give them the chance to help you with the planting. They’re sure to appreciate the chance to get mucky – and it helps to make the process much more fun.

    Watch things grow

    Probably one of the best ways to help your children get into gardening is to buy bulbs that they can nurture and watch as they grow over time; by getting them to choose the bulbs they want to grow will really keep them interested in the outcome; let them have a look around the Peter Nyssen site so they can see what the ‘finished’ flowers look like first.

    Planting results

    It can be very rewarding for children to nurture the bulbs to flowering; when in flower they can pick the results of there growing effort and present to family members. Have fun with children in the garden.

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