• Planting and Growing Dahlia Tubers

    Dahlia_Chat_NoirDahlias are very popular and have gained a wider ordinance over the last few years. Dahlias come in a stunning colour range and will fit any garden scheme; there are many shapes and sizes to choose from

    Gallery Dahlias are ideal for pots and the front of the border these dahlias reach a height of around 14”.

    Karma Dahlias are tall they are excellent for cut flower they have a longer stem them most dahlias.

    Bishop and Classic Dahlias have rich dark foliage the Bishop dahlias like Bishop of Llandaff have the darkest foliage the Classic dahlias have a dark purple green foliage and when both categories are planted together they give a deep depth to a planting scheme their flowers are smaller than the larger decorative dahlias and give a light airy design to the garden.

    Pompon and Ball dahlias have small flowers the stems tend to be long ideal for cutting and flower arranging. The petals are more tightly clustered.

    Decorative and Cactus Dahlias are the work horses of the dahlias there colours and shapes are fascinating from the spiky dark and mysterious Rip City to the pure white of Decorative Dahlia White Perfection

    Dahlias are ideal for the garden they will reward you from late July until the frost of November, they are the giving plant the more you cut the flowers the more they will produce, if you want larger flowers nip all the side buds and keep the one central bud.

    To encourage bushy plants it’s important to pinch out the growth to around 4-6 inches this will encourage multi branching and the results will be well worth the effort.

    Dahlias are diverse and versatile they like a rich soil and a steady supply of moisture they prefer to be planted in full sun but will take a little shade. Allow the frost to turn the foliage black, and then cut back to around 15 cm, lift the tubers remove excess soil and place upside down on a suitable surface, in frost free conditions and allow to dry naturally, You can dust with a fungicide when dry then place the dry tubers in boxes of either dry sand or peat to over winter you will need to check occasionally for fungal infection and cut out any damaged tissue then retreat with fungicide. In warm areas you can leave Dahlias in the ground over winter, plant to a depth of around 15-20 cm and provide deep winter mulch.

  • Get Gardening for the First Time

    Gladiolus_callianthus_MurielaeIt’s a question that is often asked: if you have never gardened before, where should you start?

    Of course, where you start with gardening is up to you. If you have a burning ambition to create a certain look to your garden or want to grow a certain type of plant, by all means go for it. However, if you’re completely new to gardening and are looking to ease in gently, one good place to start is by planting bulbs.

    Planting bulbs is a lovely thing to do as the process can be very therapeutic and gets you in the great outdoors and you’ll also get a great pay-off when the plants start to grow and flowers begin to appear. Also, with literally hundreds of options available, you are certain to find bulbs to suit your tastes.

    One thing to remember is that different bulbs are meant to be planted at different times of the year, so when you make your purchases check to see that it’s the right time for them to be planted. Bulbs are also a good option for new gardeners as you can use them no matter how much or how little space you have available.

    Bulbs are a great space filler choose varieties the will naturalise over time and mix with perennial plants to give all year interest. There are many bulbs that you plant in the spring to flower over the summer to autumn months the beautiful Nerines, Acidanthera, Crocosmia, Galtonia, to name just a few, there is a wider choice of Lilium bulbs available in the spring to choose from the Orientals, Trumpet and Orienpets have beautiful perfume and the aziatics are good cutting flowers the species are good for naturalising; have a look around our spring website to be inspired by the range and choice available for your summer and autumn displays

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