• Perennial plants on the February to order list

    Echinacea_purpurea_Baby_White_Swan_4aPerennial plants are a must for any garden they bring a wide selection of colour and quality to the herbaceous garden from the traditional cottage to the new inspiring selections, their colourful flowers and foliage will provide impact for many months. Perennial plants die back in the winter and send up new grow inn the spring.

    The beauty of Perennial plants is how you can use them, plant them in groups for drama and visual impact or use as a specimen plant to create a stunning feature, perennial plants work well when planted amongst shrubs and will add interest and depth too summer bedding, many perennial plants can be used in containers and window boxes.

    Perennial plants are ideal for those new to gardening most are easy to grow and very rewarding, the also make excellent starter plants for children and help inspire them in the garden. Experienced gardeners can weave their magic with the endless varieties of perennial plants available with such a huge colour pallet and abundant flower and foliage shape they are hard to resist.

    You need to divide perennial plants regularly this helps to ensure vigorous and healthy growth for many years, if you divide when in growth it’s important to keep them well watered, the best time to divide is when they are dormant between autumn and spring depending on the type of perennial plant and the flowering time.

    Sit back and watch the spring and summer perennial plant masterpiece begin

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