• Planting bulbs now can start summer early

    Cafe_au_Lait_3Planting bulbs ahead of schedule can allow them to flower earlier than their natural growth might allow, filling your garden with flowers and foliage for longer this summer.

    To give plants the best chance of success, make sure you are planting bulbs or tubers in the right depth of soil, even if they are in pots rather than the ground.

    Shallow seed trays are not right for large bulbs like Lilium but you can use them to start Begonias into growth.

    Fill your containers with good quality soil and plant your bulbs to give your summer selection a head start.

    Keep them in a warm frost free place such as a greenhouse to make sure the bulbs and tubers are protected against the vagaries of the spring weather to give them change to establish this will also protect the young shoots from the ever hungry slugs that prowl the garden.

    When the weather warms up and summer has definitely arrived, you can move your plants into your beds and borders.

    Just be sure before you place them outside that there is no chance of late frost which can take you by surprise.

  • Daffodil Event April 6 to 15 April 2012

    Mary_Bohannan_1aPlans for the Daffodil event at Alnwick Gardens in Northumberland are nearing completion, were hoping the weather will be kind and not bring everything out too soon. We will have established varieties for the daffodil enthusiast to see and lovely new varieties to tempt.

    Flyer is a new fully double narcissi primrose yellow; this new variety is strong in the neck so will hold well in wind and rain; it also gives long lasting flowers.

    Easter Delight will be making its first appearance in honour of our first ever show a lovely Large Cupped Daffodil with yellow petals and pink trumpet

    Snowtip will be putting in an appearance this beautiful Large Cupped narcissi has soft primrose petals with a large yellow crown which has a little fringing with white edges.

    There will be a chance to buy new varieties but stocks are very limited, the price of these will be £10.00 per 23cm pot with around 10 bulbs in each. We are hoping to have some new varieties that have still to be named on show. “The Shape of Things to Come”

    You can pre order any Daffodil or other bulb from our extensive list at the show for delivery from the end of August.

  • The Beauty of Flower Bulbs

    Garden_39The spring has come with a rush; all around we can see nature at its best the colours this time of year are simply stunning, this is where flower bulbs play an important part in the garden.

    When coming out of a dreary winter the Snowdrops are the first flower bulbs to appear followed by Eranthis, Crocus and Iris Reticulata & Species they bring the first glimpse of the floral spectacle to come, with dark nights and short days this hit of colour can lift the spirits.

    One of the earliest Daffodil bulbs to flower is Rijnvelds Early Sensation which can start flowering as early as January; after the first year of planting, Mando is another excellent early Trumpet Daffodil and Cyclamineus February Gold which is small and compact.

    When the heat starts to rise you can see the green shoots of flower bulbs appear at a rapid rate, from the dormant bulbs will come spectacular flowers of all shapes and sizes which will bring impact to any garden, balcony or container, after the daffodils the next flower bulbs to come into there own are the exotic and beautiful Tulips with there myriad of colours, shapes and heights.

    In autumn when we plant flower bulbs it can seem a task but come the spring the rewards from our efforts are simply amazing, flower bulbs can bring tranquility from the white group to an unabashed frenzy from the multi-coloured range all have a place in the garden. Now is the time to visit gardens in the yellow book, public gardens or private gardens where you can study and choose your favourites flower bulbs for your garden to plant this autumn.

    The floral fireworks are just beginning enjoy the spectacle…

  • The Alnwick Gardens

    Alnwick_Magic (1)The day of the launch for Alnwick Magic was full of fun, sunshine and mishaps; we thought we had allowed for all eventualities but not the near disaster that occurred.

    Maybe disaster is too strong a word; I think I should say calamity, driving up the motorway to Alnwick we receive a phone call informing us the Daffodils had been dropped at the airport and for good measure stood on, heart stopping yes daffodils don’t like being stood on

    A few anxious hours of driving followed trying to be optimistic, arriving at the airport to pick the daffodils up, at first sight they did not look as bad as first feared but some looked quiet sad, nothing to do but wait until we got to Alnwick to try and save the flowers.

    The very warm welcome we received from the staff more than helped to lift our mood, nothing was too much trouble everyone was so helpful and caring. A few hours later the daffodils were in their pots and standing to attention, they looked bright and cheery.

    Arno Kroon the breeder of "Alnwick Magic" gave an interesting talk, he was a little nervous but did very well, he covered the breeding of daffodils, explained the classification groups and how difficult it is to get certain colours, after many years breeders are still trying to cross and grow the perfect white, red and orange although not on the same flower, they are tantalizingly out of reach, but who knows what is around the corner. We met some very knowledgeable lovely visitors on the evening who asked some very interesting questions.

    Thank you to all the staff at Alnwick who made this event possible, we look forward to the Daffodil Event at Easter where we will have many varieties of Daffodils on show, it will be the official launch of “Alnwick Magic”

  • Alnwick Magic

    Alnwick_MagicIn association with The Alnwick Garden and Daffodil breeder Arno Kroon we've had a new Daffodil named after the beautiful gardens in Northumberland

    Alnwick Magic will have its premier on the evening of 9 March at the gardens where Arno will give a talk on this stunning new variety and into the process involved in the development of new varieties.

    Alnwick Magic has ivory white petals with an amber-orange centre intermixed with buttermilk white. This beautiful new variety will stand well in the wind and rain.

    This is an exciting venture for us all at Peter Nyssen and the story is to continue?

  • Plant Lilium bulbs in March as summer's heat arrives

    Lilium_Star_GazerPlant Lilium bulbs in March and you miss the worst of the winter weather, while making sure your new Lilium bulbs are established before the heat of summer arrives.

    However, during their flowering phase Lilium bulbs naturally prefer the warmth - and getting them started as the weather warms is a great way to give Lilium a helping hand towards flourishing when the summer arrives.

    The weather in March can be changeable, because of this it’s best to be prepared; their are a couple of options you can you use to give your Lilium bulbs the best start.

    If the weather stays warm you can plant Lilium bulbs directly into the ground, Lilium like well drained soil but not dry, give them water when planted and a good measure of potash fertilizer

    Alternatively and especially if March is wet and cold you can plant Lilium bulbs in pots and keep them in the greenhouse or shed until the weather is more acceptable.

    Then in the summer you can enjoy the dazzling display Lilium bulbs come in a beautiful mix of colours, the Asiatic are un-perfumed, beautiful Oriental Lilium fill the air with the heady fragrance and have large open flowers, Longiflorum with their long white trumpets and soft perfume, Trumpet Lilium with shades of orange, white, yellow and pink which also have a good perfume, to the new Orienpet a cross between Oriental and Trumpet leave in the ground and these Lilium bulbs will grow very tall (tree Lilium) ideal for the back of a border and with a lovely perfume, specie Lilium have little perfume and tend to be turkscap type ideal for naturalizing with exotic looking flowers that nod in the breeze.

    Let Lilium dazzle in your garden from June to September.

  • When can I buy bulbs?

    IMGP7439Knowing when to buy bulbs of different kinds can seem like a tricky task especially if you’re new to gardening. Bulbs are very rewarding and planting bulbs at the correct time will save you money and time.

    If you want bulbs to flower in the late autumn like Colchicum or Autumn Flowering Crocus which flower September to November or spring bulbs like Crocus, Iris, Tulips, Daffodils & Narcissi, Hyacinths, Allium, Camassia, Anemone, Fritillaria, Muscari, Erythronium, Lilium, Scilla, Bluebells and Snowdrops then you need to order these bulbs in the autumn, these bulbs are delivered from August to end of November. These bulbs are the spring heralds who can resist their beauty especially after a cold wet winter. Bulbs bring the winter garden to life; there are bulbs for every garden situation.

    For summer and late summer the bulbs-tubers or corms you need to be looking at are Gladioli with there beautiful spikes, Dahlias, Begonias, Lilium, Acidanthera, Crinum, Crocosmia, Galtonia, the exotic looking Ferraria Tigridia, Nerine, Polianthus, Trillium, Tulbaghia and Amaryllis Belladonna. All these bulbs are delivered and planted in the spring from Middle January to End of March.

    Flower bulbs are very rewarding and excellent value for money, giving you flowers for all most all of the year from the Snowdrops as early as January to the late flowering of Dahlias and Begonias which will carry on until the hard frost has arrived.

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