• Planting bulbs in during spring showers

    echinacea_rubinstern2Planting bulbs, corms, tubers and perennial plants during the rainy days of early spring can be a concern for some, but there is often no need to worry.

    While showers make the weather above ground unpredictable, they are not necessarily a problem for your bulbs and plants with there roots, tucked safely away in the soil of your garden.

    In fact, intermittent light showers can help to keep your plants and bulbs well watered; giving them the moisture they need in order to grow.

    The only reason avoid planting bulbs on a rainy day is if your soil has poor drainage, which can cause it to become waterlogged and threaten your bulb and plant survival when placed in wet soggy ground.

    If you are worried about poor drainage adding grit to the soil will help or alternatively you can start planting bulbs in pots or any container you wish to use.

    A greenhouse or warm kitchen provides the necessary shelter from the elements, while you can also control the precise amount of moisture your bulbs and plants are exposed to.

    Once your bulbs and plants are established and the worst of the weather is over you can transfer them to your flower beds ready for the explosion of colour as they come into bloom.

  • Perfect conditions for planting bulbs and plants as April showers set in

    Golden_Wave_P_31If you’re planting bulbs or plants in the next few weeks, it might be best to take advantage of any dry spells, as the traditional April showers are likely to make an appearance in abundance, which will be very welcome after the dry conditions of the last few weeks.

    This will not be a bad thing the Met Office forecasts high pressure to the west with wind coming from the North West which will be with us for most of April, this should bring a combination of sunny spells and light showers.

    Overall rainfall and temperature should be average with a slight chance it could be cooler than in a usual year, the beauty of the British weather.

    For gardeners, that means there will be excellent planting days ahead for planting bulbs and plants. These welcome showers help make the soil easy to work and the showers should help to take care of watering in your bulbs and plants.

    There is still time to buy bulbs now in order to get them in the ground in the weeks to come just be sure to buy bulbs suited to this time of year.

    Begonias can be planted in well moistened soil in containers for outdoors as long as the risk of frost has gone. You can plant in the ground in partial shade or direct sunlight.

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