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    IMG_2035In the autumn section of our catalogue we offer a selection of Lilium that are ready in time for autumn planting these are despatched from Mid September. A fully comprehensive collection of Lilium can be found in our spring section for despatch from February. In our special section on the website from December we will have some wonderful new varieties to tempt you.

    Lilies are stately plants most produce beautiful fragrant flowers. The longer the bulbs are in the ground the better they become, producing more flowers taller and stronger stems.

    Longiflorum lilies also know as Easter Lily although they flower in July, are pure white strongly perfumed flowers, trumpet shaped and outward facing, tall and elegant they make ideal cut flowers. With the new hybridizing techniques in lilium you can now find pink varieties of Longiflorum from as little as £1.00 per bulb.

    Oriental lilies have beautiful large strongly perfumed flowers which slightly recurve and expose the pollen. They mostly come in shades of pink to pinkish red or white, oriental lilies are excellent as cut flowers, they come in heights from 45 cms to 100 cms they are ideal in pots or the border from as little as £1.10 per bulb.

    Trumpet lilies have large trumpet shaped flowers with beautiful fragrance with a good colour range from white, golden yellow, apricot, deep lilac pink, they tend to have a touch of wine on the reverse of the flower with the exception of Regale Album, from as little as £1.20 per bulb.

    Species Lilies tend to be the turks-cap varieties tall with lovely nodding flowers they have little or no perfume. Martagon varieties are excellent for woodland planting producing up to 50 flowers per stem once established, we will have a selection of these on the December website where you will find them sold as a mixture. Lilium Candidum “The Madonna Lily” is found in the specie lilies section this is only sold in the autumn from September to November beautiful pure white fragrant flowers this is the one variety that is not planted deep it needs planting just below the surface, from as little as £1.10 per bulb.

    Lilium are a wonderful addition to any herbaceous border or pot no garden is complete without this floral masterpiece.

  • Don't delay

    Narcissus_GeraniumAs all gardeners are aware this year has been quiet trying; the weather has been at it most frustrating too hot in the early part of the growing season followed by a cold chilly spell then by rain and lots of it which did not help with the growing conditions.

    The bulbs are now starting to arrive in stock and on the whole are looking very good. The growers have started to inform suppliers that this year there will be a lot of shortages because the bulbs have not provided a good yield,

    Daffodils & Narcissi have been badly affected a lot of varieties are still in the ground as it’s still to wet to get machinery on to start the lift. White varieties will be in short supply this year due to less demand this is due in some parts to supermarkets and the public wanting to buy only bunches of yellow daffodil flowers and in a consequence less white varieties are being planted which is a shame there are some beautiful white varieties with excellent perfume.

    If there are varieties of Tulips, Daffodils and Narcissi on your to buy list then we would advise not leaving it to late to order the varieties you love.

    The joys of gardening! Bulbs are really worth all the effort for the beauty they bring in spring after a long cold and wet winter.

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