• Springs Floral Fireworks

    Eranthis_Cilicia_2It’s cold and in some places lots of snow lies on the ground but spring is in the air, the bulbs are starting to burst through the soil. Snowdrops are waking from their sleep and the first of the pure white bells are beginning to show. Eranthis “Winter Aconites” are starting to unfurl there leaves, the yellow buds are preparing to open to be followed by dwarf Iris Reticulata and species

    Within a few weeks spring will be in its full glory as the floral fireworks begin. The first of the Daffodils which have been brave enough to open are putting on a display, Daffodil & Narcissi have varieties that will flower from January to April from the wild form the delicate; to the bold here I am flowers and lots in between, every garden needs Daffodils & Narcissi they let you know spring is really here.

    Prepare for the spring carry a small note book or piece of paper and pen with you write the name of your favourite varieties or take pictures on your phone or camera, create your own must have list, it’s always hard when you try to describe a variety of bulb you have seen three to six months earlier with so many varieties of bulbs available that look similar it can be a disappointment if what you order turns out not to be what you remember.

    Make a note of the height and colour; when it flowers the size of the flower, if taking a picture try to take a picture level with the flower when shooting from above the perspective can be lost, show the flower from the side and front if you have a small tape measure take a picture showing the two together. Adjust the camera setting to get the best colour and try not to get too close to blur the image, the sun can bleach the colours so try and keep the sun off the flower while taking a picture.

    We would love to see your floral display and how you use your bulbs, plants, corms, tubers, ferns and grasses, the way you plant and your colour combinations, we hope to build a library of pictures to place in our picture gallery to enthuse people to try new combinations and plant types that they would never have tried before, our aim is to inspire gardeners from the novice to the professional and all those who like ourselves love the garden, you can be assured we will never put name or address links to the pictures you will stay anonymous.

    We look forward to seeing all your hard work - let the floral fireworks begin.

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