• Lifting Snowdrops

    snowdrpsNow is the time to think about lifting and dividing those overcrowded clumps of Snowdrops; it’s always best to do this as the foliage is just starting to die back. If you can remove any spent flowers or seed pods to give the bulbs the best chance of developing and flowering the following year.

    Use a fork and dig deep underneath the clump so you don’t damage any bulbs or the roots; the roots are an important part of the Snowdrop and too much damage here can result in poor flowering, plant the Snowdrops back as soon as you can don’t let the bulbs dry, Snowdrops love humus rich soil. Plant them back around 15cm deep.

    Give them dappled shade and moist well drained conditions and the beautiful pure white bells of the Snowdrop will reward you for years to come.

  • Snowdrop time

    snowdrps (1)It’s that time of year when we look for the sign that spring is on the way; the appearance of the Snowdrop, this herald of spring will push its way through the snow and ice the tough little flower is determined to shine and have its moment in the sun. Although there are varieties that will flower as early as November -
    December like the Elwesii group, snowdrop Galanthus Nivalis is the one we associate with February.

    Snowdrops are not fussy about soil conditions grow in moist well drained humus rich soil that does not dry out in summer if you want them to thrive, they prefer partial shade. Lift and divide congested clumps when flowering becomes sparse. Plant around 8-10 cm deep. Allow around 75 per sq meter. You can give them a feed of bonemeal to help them along as soon as you see the first signs of shoots.

    February is the time of year for buying snowdrops in the green “ready growing” it is important that the snowdrops bought this way are planted on receipt and not left to dry out, give them a light spray when you receive them to keep them fresh dry bulbs will struggle when planted. Divide the clumps dig the hole to the depth they were originally planted to this is easy to see from the stems.

    There are so many places to see snowdrops planted on mass Dunham Massey in Altrincham, Alnwick Garden in Northumberland, National Botanic Garden in Carmarthenshire, there is the Scottish Snowdrop Festival from February to mid March. Have a look in your local area, wrap up and go for a walk you will find yourself hypnotised by these beautiful bells of the snow.

    Why not recreate you own Snowdrop heaven we have snowdrops in the green on our website under the spring section or visit our autumn selection from June the dry bulbs are sent from the end of August.

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