• Daffodil Event - Alnwick Gardens - 29 March-31 March

    Alnwick_MagicHow quickly time goes by it doesn’t seem a year ago we were planning our first Daffodil display to be held at The Alnwick Gardens; here we are now planning the second,

    The Daffodil Event will be held at Alnwick Gardens from 29 March to 6 April

    We are lucky to have a wonderful supply of amazing new daffodils & Narcissi from the breeder Arno Kroon once again on display; as well as a few of the tried and tested varieties like Bridal Crown, Minnow, February gold, High Society, Popeye to name just a few.

    We will be selling some of these new and exciting varieties pre-planted in pots at the event, each pot will be packed full with around 15 bulbs per pot they will provide a beautiful display in the patio or conservatory, some of these varieties are new to the market and will not be available in the catalogue for a while. If you purchase any pots after flowering dead head and place where all the foliage can die back then they can then be planted in the garden for a stunning display next year.

    Daffodils & Narcissi are the heralds of spring they have such a diverse range from the Trumpet varieties flowering from the end of January to the Jonquilla’s flowering into late April a whole four months of colour, give them a good home plant them deep enough and dead head regularly, they will reward you for years with there beauty.

    If you can’t make this we are pleased to announce Arno Kroon together with 3 growers will be at Alnwick Gardens along with Peter Nyssen Ltd on Thursday 18 April when Her Grace the Duchess of Northumberland will be officially christening the new Alnwick Magic Narcissi; you will have the opportunity to chat to the growers and gain excellent incite into the production of Daffodil & Narcissi

    We would love to see our customers at either of the events if you would like to come and chat about daffodils we will be happy to help and advise.

  • Dahlias for the flower garden

    Jescot_JuliaDuring summer and well into autumn dahlias are at their best, with a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes who can resist them, their is a place in every garden border, patio or window box for a dahlia, from the tall to the short, the round to the spiky flowers, dahlias are a must.

    If you love to cut flowers for the home what better way than plant dahlias as the base of your flower displays, the more you cut them the more they will flower making them excellent value for money and unlike bedding plants with a little care you will have them for many years.

    For a touch of the dark & sensual plant Bishop of Auckland with their dark purple foliage and crimson red flowers with Chat Noir and Rip City add a touch of deep red like Sam Hopkins add a dash of blue and lime green for the wow factor. Eryngium add a different texture to dahlias as cut flower

    Be daring with Mrs Eileen or Jescot Julie “orange” with Sam Hopkins deep red” add a splash of Thomas A. Edison and Jowey Mirella mix in some purple asters, veronica and lime green foliage for a little of the bohemian.

    Nuit d’Ete, Rip City or Chat Noir is lovely mixed with Lilies like Montezuma, Dimension or Original Love, blue freesias or agapanthus and a slight tough of burnt orange.

    If you only have a window pox or flowerpot than the Gallery Dahlias are for you just 30-40 cm high the have a neat habit and will flower continuously just snip of the flowers as they start to fade.

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