• Daffodils

    DAFFODILS_135_1In our new 2013-2014 catalogue you will find over 80 varieties of Daffodils & Narcissi from the miniature Bulbocodium to the medium Triandrus and Cyclamineus varieties to the taller Trumpet, Large Cupped and Tazetta Daffodils and Narcissi and many more.

    Each group of daffodils & narcissi have their own characteristics in shape, size and colours. Large Cupped Narcissi has a wide selection of colour from yellow, white, orange and pink; like Fragrant Rose which is scented.

    Triandrus daffodils like Thalia are predominantly white with their delicate flowers they are excellent for naturalizing, Hawera is a soft shade of lemon the tiny flowers pack a beautiful fragrance.

    Try something a little different like the Split Corona Narcissi which are also classed as Orchid Daffodils or Butterfly Narcissi the trumpet is slit and falls flat to the petals, some like Brodaway Star has a slight double look.

    Cyclamineus are excellent for naturalizing they provide a burst of colour from very early in March. February Gold in certain areas can flower as early as late February. Peeping Jenny is a new variety the petals appear cream yellow before turning white the trumpet is large and long, this varieties has a long flowering period.

    Tazetta narcissi have a wonderful strong fragrance that will fill your garden from the beautiful Bridal Crown to the new Primrose Beauty.

  • Tulips

    Tulip Apricot Foxx Tulip Apricot Foxx

    Our new 2013-2014 catalogue is now out with over 200 varieties of tulips in every shape, size and colour to tease you. Their are tulip varieties to suit most garden situations from the wild garden, formal garden, cottage garden, small borders or pots. Tulips bring impact or calm to your garden.

    We have some lovely new varieties of tulips in the catalogue this year; we have been asked by customers to include more salmon and apricot varieties, we have therefore included Apricot Emperor, Salmon Prince, Apricot Foxx, Stunning Apricot, Temple of Beauty and the beautiful Orange Angelique

    The stunning Labrador with dark maroon-red flowers and beautiful fringing, the calm and serene Vanilla Cream with purpe/brown striping on the leaves, Red Spring Green and Crème Lizard plus many more. The catalogue is a chocolate box full of surprises take a dip and make some wonderful discoveries. Tulips start from 17p each.

    Peter Nyssen is proud to offer once again tulip Survivor a lovely deep rose-pink single late tulip. 100% of all proceeds will be donated to Cancer Research to help raise funds for research into the treatment of cancer and hopefully in the near future towards a cure.

    A huge thank you to all customers who bought this variety in 2012 with your kind support we donated £1,957.00 to Cancer Research.

    It’s time to sit back in the garden and enjoy the summer; reflect and imagine your garden in spring, the floral fireworks will be stunning…

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