• Peter Nyssen Scores Highest in Which? Best Spring Bulb Suppliers Survey

    At Peter Nyssen we have always been extremely proud of our service and quality. We are now delighted to say that Pete Nyssen has received the highest score in the Which? Best Spring-Bulb Suppliers survey (89%).

    Which? Gardening surveyed 19 companies based on their website, cost, packaging, delivery cost and time as well as whether the bulbs were true to variety. They tested popular favourites Narcissi “Tête à Tête” and “February Gold” and Tulips ”Queen of Night” and “Red Riding Hood”. They said this about Peter Nyssen "The bulbs were all good quality, uniform, firm and healthy". "...in the spring... we were given a good show of true-to-variety blooms" (Which?, August 2014).

    One of our customers sent us this lovely congratulatory note: “The bulbs all arrived yesterday....  Thank you so much for the speedy delivery. I was so delighted to see today in my Which? Gardening magazine that Peter Nyssen has come top of the Spring Bulb Sellers 'Best Buys' table. We already knew, of course, that Peter Nyssen was the best - but now everyone else knows too!!  Congratulations!”

    Karen, General Manager at Peter Nyssen said “I am so proud of all the effort everyone has made to keep our quality and service the best on the market.  We’re certainly going to work even harder to maintain our dedicated customer service, excellent quality and wide variety of products we offer”.

    We think the recommendations we receive from our customers coupled with the finding of this Which? survey are the best accolades available. As you probably know, Which? don't accept any advertising, freebies or sponsorship and execute all their own research completely independently.

    Peter Nyssen is a family run business established in 1958 with a long history in the bulb industry. This is the latest of the many accolades we are proud to have achieved on our long journey.

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