We're ditching plastic bags for our bulbs this autumn!

Here at Peter Nyssen we’re pretty keen on gardening. To say the least! We’re also keen on the amazing natural world that our gardening complements. For this reason, the issue of plastic pollution has been bothering us for years. The damage it’s causing to our beautiful countryside, to our seas and all the myriad creatures that live in it is heart-breaking.

Until this year we’ve used around 1500kg of plastic each to package our bulbs each autumn. All of that’s thrown away, every year.  

We want to stop this waste and after quite some searching and testing we’re finally in a position to ditch the large majority of our plastic and replace it with an ingenious, fully compostable alternative called Bioska made by Plastiroll www.plastiroll.fi/en. It’s made of fully compostable and biodegradable raw materials certified according to the European EN 13432 standard. What’s more it does not contain any genetically modified organisms. It can be easily disposed of in a garden or food waste bin where it decomposes within a few months.

We think we’re the first bulb company to take this step and it hasn’t been easy. It’s surprising how few good alternatives there are to plastic packaging at the moment. We can’t use paper bags because would be prohibitively expensive to pack all our bulbs by hand! Many of the non-plastic alternatives are too stretchy to go through our packing machines. Or they won’t seal properly, or you can’t punch ventilation holes in them…. The list of problems goes on. BUT we think we’re there now. So, with a little luck and some well oiled supply chains, we’ll be sending out the first Bioska packaged spring bulbs for delivery from September.  

Although Bioska is more expensive than plastic we’ve decided to absorb the costs ourselves and the price of our products will not be affected by the change. After all, the oceans need all the help we can give them and it may sound trite, but who can put a price on the health of the oceans?

In the future we’d love to replace all our other packaging and pots with biodegradable, or at least recyclable alternatives. Rest assured we will continue looking for good alternatives.

The team at Peter Nyssen

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