• Hello new tulips (and goodbye neonicotinoids)

    With the drop in the temperature we've been able to get out into the garden much more and now the dahlias have been trimmed (in the hope of another flush of flowers) we're thinking about our tulips for the spring.

    This is a rather exciting (well, maybe we should say nerve wracking) year here at Peter Nyssen because we've decided to source all our bulbs free from neonicotinoid pesticides. These chemicals have been found to adversely effect the health of our precious pollinators so we've decided to demand all our bulbs are supplied without using them. As of next year they'll be banned across the board but we like to be a step ahead of the curve!

    Where we haven't been able to guarantee these chemicals have been used we've had to replace many of our  tried and true favourites with new, but equally fabulous new varieties. So if you're hankering after the gorgeous tulips you grew this year but they're no longer available, fret not: here's our list of brilliant replacements.

    Tulip Cheers replaces Tulip Calgary Flames

    Tulip White Dream replaces Tulip Royal Virgin

    Tulip Yellow Flight replaces Tulip Yellow King

    Tulip Silk Road replaces Tulip Verona

    Tulip Gorilla replaces Tulip Curly Sue

    Tulip Daytona replaces Tulip Swan Wings

    Tulip Continental replaces Tulip Cafe Noir

    Tulip Jackpot replaces Tulip Fontainbleu

    Tulip Mascara replaces Tulip Jan Reus

    Tulip Lighting Sun replaces Tulip Orange Sun

    Tulip Salmon van Eijk replaces Tulip Sake

    Tulip Florijn Chic replaces Tulip Cistula

    Tulip Cartouche replaces Tulip Belicia

    Tulip Royal Virgin replaces Tulip White Marvel

    And for completeness sake, some tulips are no longer grown or the harvest was particularly poor. We've done our best to replace them with good alternatives where possible:

    Tulip Ayann replaces Tulip Recreado

    Tulip Big Love replaces Tulip Survivor

    Tulip Amazing Parrot replaces Tulip Irene

    Tulip White Rebel replaces Tulip Super Parrot

    Tulip Dragon King replaces Tulip Colour Spectacle


  • Our top 10 plants and bulbs for bees and pollinators

    As we've all seen in the news bees are under threat from a loss of habitat and certain pesticides. We can help to reverse their decline by planting their favourite plants in our gardens. According to a study by Sussex University the best plants can attract up to 100 times as many insects as the worst ones. Choose carefully and you can have a fragrant and colourful garden full of the busy buzzing of our all important bees.

    1, 2 & 3) Lavender, achillea and dahlias, such as the happy single, collarette and bishop varieties, are attractive to bumble bees because of their open, flat and easily accessible flowers.

    4) Pulmonaria are particularly popular with the wonderfully named hairy-footed flower bee.

    5) Buddleja is also, rather tellingly, known as the butterfly bush, is a magnet for butterflies because of its sucrose rich nectar.

    6 & 7) Lupins and penstemon have tubular flowers that are a favourite feeding place for the long tongued bumble bee.

    8) Campanula are a fabulous complement for your spring bulbs providing an early source of food for pollinators.

    9) Bees and butterflies can enjoy the lovely helenium for an extended period as they flower all summer. Their seed heads are also very attractive for birds in winter so don't clear them out too quickly.

    10) Globe Thistles (echinops) complement your lavender, penstemon and buddleja to provide a late summer feast.

    While you're busy making your garden pollinator friendly remember there are plenty of plants that act as deterrents to these industrious creatures. Rhododendrons, azaleas, trumpet flower "Angels Trumpet", oleanders, yellow jessamine, mountain laurel, heliconia, bog rosemary and amaryllis (grow these fantastic flowers inside only) have been found to be toxic for bees. Consider planting them some way away from your new found bee magnets.

    Achillea Terracotta

    Pulmonaria Blue Ensign

    Buddleja Empire Blue

    Lupin The Chateline

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