• Hyacinths, Narcissi and Amaryllis for indoor flowering

    IMG_1375In the new catalogue you will find Indoor and Outdoor flowering bulbs from Prepared Hyacinths for Christmas flowering which have had heat treatment to bring them into flower early, excellent value at 60p a bulb for last minute gifts. Why not try the lovely Yellow Queen considered by some to be the best yellow hyacinth.

    Bedding Hyacinths are ideal for the garden, pots both indoor and outdoor, these hyacinths if planted indoors will not flower for Christmas; Hyacinths make an excellent gift for children to plant as a present for mother’s day, at only 50p a bulb an inexpensive gift and a good way to introduce children to gardening. Blue Eyes is a beautiful new hyacinth soft blue which ages to ice blue.

    Double Hyacinths are multi petalled they have a fuller richer appearance, the Multi-Flowered Hyacinths produce several stems from the split bulb the flowers are much looser up the stem. Festival Hyacinths have a similar appearance to the multiflora type, this new type of Hyacinth have several stems from one bulb.

    Indoor Narcissi such as Paperwhites and Grand Soleil D’or will flower around 8 weeks from planting. In the same group are Avalanche and Erlicheer they will flower around February/March. This section of Narcissi has a beautiful strong perfume.

    Amaryllis are fabulous with there large heads producing around 4 to 5 flowers to a stem, Red Pearl with it’s deep dark red flowers is a close replacement for Benfica which due to crop failure is not available this year. Charisma is a lovely variety with it's unique colouring flushed red on white. Amaryllis are a statement bulb for the indoors.

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