• Our Top 10 Bulb Planting Tips

    autumn leavesNow Autumn has put in her first appearance and the summer gardens are coming to an end the time is now for planting spring flowering bulbs. To help you in your gardening efforts we’ve put our heads together and come up with our TOP 10 BULB PLANTING HINTS AND TIPS. Do let us know if you have any you’d like to share for the next edition of the newsletter!

    1) Prepare your soil by adding garden compost and, in heavy soils, horticultural grit and sand. For containers use a mix of John Innes No.2 with a little added grit.

    2) Squirrels, rabbits etc just love tulip, crocus and iris bulbs (amongst others). Aside from choosing Animal Resistant bulbs (use our special filter on the website) try planting your bulbs in an open weave net bag, such as an onion bag making sure the holes are big enough for the shoots to come through. Plant the whole bag in the ground and deprive the furry critters of their bulb feast.

    3) For a good rule of thumb, plant your bulbs three to four times as deep as they are high. Tulips and daffodils should be planted at least 15cm deep.

    Crocus Aitchisonii Naturalising bulbs such as crocuses look great in a lawn

    4) Running out of space in your garden? Try planting a mix of early flowering, naturalising bulbs such as snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils in your grass. Plant them using a bulb planter randomly across the lawn for a natural splash of spring colour.

    5) If you’re not sure where you have gaps in your spring planting try planting a selection of bulbs in pots ready to transplant into the spaces once the shoots start to show.

    6) Not all bulbs need dry conditions to flourish. In damp areas try Camassias or Fritillaria Meleagris.


    7) Not all bulbs need sun! Erythronium, Wood Anemone and Scilla Bifolia or Siberica all do well in the shade.

    8) Try using layer planting in containers for weeks of flowers or plant en masse in your borders for dramatic effect. Give us a call if you’d like more help with choosing suitable varieties.

    9) Water your bulbs as soon as you have planted them. This encourages root growth.

    10) If left in the ground, tulips degenerate year on year. To preserve your favourites, remove the seed head after flowering and let the foliage die back before lifting the bulbs. Store in net bags in a cool, dry place until you plant them out in the following autumn.

  • Peter Nyssen Scores Highest in Which? Best Spring Bulb Suppliers Survey

    At Peter Nyssen we have always been extremely proud of our service and quality. We are now delighted to say that Pete Nyssen has received the highest score in the Which? Best Spring-Bulb Suppliers survey (89%).

    Which? Gardening surveyed 19 companies based on their website, cost, packaging, delivery cost and time as well as whether the bulbs were true to variety. They tested popular favourites Narcissi “Tête à Tête” and “February Gold” and Tulips ”Queen of Night” and “Red Riding Hood”. They said this about Peter Nyssen "The bulbs were all good quality, uniform, firm and healthy". "...in the spring... we were given a good show of true-to-variety blooms" (Which?, August 2014).

    One of our customers sent us this lovely congratulatory note: “The bulbs all arrived yesterday....  Thank you so much for the speedy delivery. I was so delighted to see today in my Which? Gardening magazine that Peter Nyssen has come top of the Spring Bulb Sellers 'Best Buys' table. We already knew, of course, that Peter Nyssen was the best - but now everyone else knows too!!  Congratulations!”

    Karen, General Manager at Peter Nyssen said “I am so proud of all the effort everyone has made to keep our quality and service the best on the market.  We’re certainly going to work even harder to maintain our dedicated customer service, excellent quality and wide variety of products we offer”.

    We think the recommendations we receive from our customers coupled with the finding of this Which? survey are the best accolades available. As you probably know, Which? don't accept any advertising, freebies or sponsorship and execute all their own research completely independently.

    Peter Nyssen is a family run business established in 1958 with a long history in the bulb industry. This is the latest of the many accolades we are proud to have achieved on our long journey.

  • Hyacinths, Narcissi and Amaryllis for indoor flowering

    IMG_1375In the new catalogue you will find Indoor and Outdoor flowering bulbs from Prepared Hyacinths for Christmas flowering which have had heat treatment to bring them into flower early, excellent value at 60p a bulb for last minute gifts. Why not try the lovely Yellow Queen considered by some to be the best yellow hyacinth.

    Bedding Hyacinths are ideal for the garden, pots both indoor and outdoor, these hyacinths if planted indoors will not flower for Christmas; Hyacinths make an excellent gift for children to plant as a present for mother’s day, at only 50p a bulb an inexpensive gift and a good way to introduce children to gardening. Blue Eyes is a beautiful new hyacinth soft blue which ages to ice blue.

    Double Hyacinths are multi petalled they have a fuller richer appearance, the Multi-Flowered Hyacinths produce several stems from the split bulb the flowers are much looser up the stem. Festival Hyacinths have a similar appearance to the multiflora type, this new type of Hyacinth have several stems from one bulb.

    Indoor Narcissi such as Paperwhites and Grand Soleil D’or will flower around 8 weeks from planting. In the same group are Avalanche and Erlicheer they will flower around February/March. This section of Narcissi has a beautiful strong perfume.

    Amaryllis are fabulous with there large heads producing around 4 to 5 flowers to a stem, Red Pearl with it’s deep dark red flowers is a close replacement for Benfica which due to crop failure is not available this year. Charisma is a lovely variety with it's unique colouring flushed red on white. Amaryllis are a statement bulb for the indoors.

  • Daffodils

    DAFFODILS_135_1In our new 2013-2014 catalogue you will find over 80 varieties of Daffodils & Narcissi from the miniature Bulbocodium to the medium Triandrus and Cyclamineus varieties to the taller Trumpet, Large Cupped and Tazetta Daffodils and Narcissi and many more.

    Each group of daffodils & narcissi have their own characteristics in shape, size and colours. Large Cupped Narcissi has a wide selection of colour from yellow, white, orange and pink; like Fragrant Rose which is scented.

    Triandrus daffodils like Thalia are predominantly white with their delicate flowers they are excellent for naturalizing, Hawera is a soft shade of lemon the tiny flowers pack a beautiful fragrance.

    Try something a little different like the Split Corona Narcissi which are also classed as Orchid Daffodils or Butterfly Narcissi the trumpet is slit and falls flat to the petals, some like Brodaway Star has a slight double look.

    Cyclamineus are excellent for naturalizing they provide a burst of colour from very early in March. February Gold in certain areas can flower as early as late February. Peeping Jenny is a new variety the petals appear cream yellow before turning white the trumpet is large and long, this varieties has a long flowering period.

    Tazetta narcissi have a wonderful strong fragrance that will fill your garden from the beautiful Bridal Crown to the new Primrose Beauty.

  • Daffodil Event - Alnwick Gardens - 29 March-31 March

    Alnwick_MagicHow quickly time goes by it doesn’t seem a year ago we were planning our first Daffodil display to be held at The Alnwick Gardens; here we are now planning the second,

    The Daffodil Event will be held at Alnwick Gardens from 29 March to 6 April

    We are lucky to have a wonderful supply of amazing new daffodils & Narcissi from the breeder Arno Kroon once again on display; as well as a few of the tried and tested varieties like Bridal Crown, Minnow, February gold, High Society, Popeye to name just a few.

    We will be selling some of these new and exciting varieties pre-planted in pots at the event, each pot will be packed full with around 15 bulbs per pot they will provide a beautiful display in the patio or conservatory, some of these varieties are new to the market and will not be available in the catalogue for a while. If you purchase any pots after flowering dead head and place where all the foliage can die back then they can then be planted in the garden for a stunning display next year.

    Daffodils & Narcissi are the heralds of spring they have such a diverse range from the Trumpet varieties flowering from the end of January to the Jonquilla’s flowering into late April a whole four months of colour, give them a good home plant them deep enough and dead head regularly, they will reward you for years with there beauty.

    If you can’t make this we are pleased to announce Arno Kroon together with 3 growers will be at Alnwick Gardens along with Peter Nyssen Ltd on Thursday 18 April when Her Grace the Duchess of Northumberland will be officially christening the new Alnwick Magic Narcissi; you will have the opportunity to chat to the growers and gain excellent incite into the production of Daffodil & Narcissi

    We would love to see our customers at either of the events if you would like to come and chat about daffodils we will be happy to help and advise.

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