Dry Summers & Downpours! Is your Garden Ready for a Changing Climate?

Dry Summers & Downpours! Is your Garden Ready for a Changing Climate?

The latest UN Climate Report 2023 is a sobering call to action. Thousands of scientists are urging for technology to adapt to climate change. And adapt we must - remember those blistering hot summer days of last year? Not to mention extreme storms and downpours that are becoming all too common.

We can all do our bit NOW in our own gardens. Read on for our tips to help your garden adapt to extreme weather conditions and the best plants to choose to suit your environment.


When it's Dry...
1. Water well when planting, but DON'T water every day. Less frequent & more deeply will encourage root penetration into the soil and will train the plants to be less "thirsty". Avoid wasting water by using a root watering funnel to take moisture directly to the roots, rather than it being quickly evaporated from the soil surface.

2. Use plants as groundcover - they'll act as a natural mulch. Use in borders or mix with hard landscaping (such as stone and gravel).

3. Use organic and natural fertilisers to feed the soil's micro-organisms. This improves the ability of the soil to absorb and hold water and is better for plants longer-term. Chemical fertiliser can encourage too much growth early on and plants will inevitably flop in hot summer temps.

4. Plant smaller specimens, so they have time to get used to their growing conditions. Our perennials are supplied in a 9cm pot, which is a perfect size to establish plant growth. And they are excellent value, because in their second year, they'll be a comparable size to a much larger plant.

5. Put plants with similar needs together. Our filters make it easier to research what would work best. Don't forget to make use of shade from a tree in a sunny spot for plants that prefer a cooling shade.

6. Harvest water in rain butts. You can even use 'grey' water from bath/washing water if needs must!

7. Don't be a slave to watering your lawn! Consider replacing some of your thirsty lawn with drought-tolerant plants.



When it's Damp...
One noticeable effect of climate change is much more changeable weather. You can even find different micro-climates in a garden.
For areas that tend to stay damp, we have many plants that will thrive! T
ry Astilbe for a bright pop of colour in a shady spot or prolific and long-lasting bloomers, like Helenium and Hydrangea.



Gorgeous Groundcover
Groundcover plants are low-growing perennials that cover a broad surface, so they cover soil well or as a lawn replacement. They are a valuable addition to a garden as they act as a natural weed barrier and there are varieties for all conditions.

Brunnera is a beautiful groundcover plant, with forget-me-knot like flowers held above heart shaped leaves. Use to light up a moist, shady area.
Nepeta, or catmint is a very hardy perennial and thrives in dry conditions. With a long flowering period and irrestible to bees, they are a great choice.


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