How to plant urgineas maritima

Native from the rocky Mediterranean regions, urginea maritima or sea squill is a dramatically distinctive early summer flowering bulb. Not often found in the UK, this stunning beauty is a rare must-have that will thrive planted in full sun in costal locations or in the garden border. In the spring, its large 24/+ cm bulbs will produce clumps of fleshy rosettes of long and impressive 90 cm long and 10 cm wide green strap-like leaves. One day lush and tropical, these will fall flat on the ground in the space of an evening before gradually dying away. In late summer and early autum, they will be replaced by maroon flower spikes formed of long stems, each adorned with an impressive flower head measuring between 20 to 40 cm long and around 15 cm wide that will soon be covered in hundreds of starry flowers, opening in succession from their base. Starting straight, the flower heads will quickly start to twist and turn, providing your garden with additional interest. They are also excellent long-lasting cut flowers.

Urgineas enjoy south facing, hot locations and require to be planted in a dry, well-drained soil, especially during the winter months as they will not tolerate too much water. Plant your bulbs around 30 to 40 cm apart, allowing for 6 bulbs per square meter and make sure that they are almost placed on the surface with their top half exposed. There is no need to feed your bulbs as they should find enough nutrient from your soil. When first planted give them a small amount of water at the base to help them settle into their new home. Since it is a Mediterranean plant, do provide your bulbs with winter protection! They do not like cold wet weather.

Always wear gloves when handling your bulbs since they can cause skin irritation. All parts of the urginea maritima are highly toxic to humans, dogs, cats and should not be eaten.   

Always unpack bulbs on arrival and store in a cool place until ready to plant.

Potential problems, pests and diseases:

Urgineas maritima do not usually suffer from any serious diseases or pests problems.

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