How to progate Dahlias

Dahlias will grow in most soil types but are best planted in fertile, well-drained soil. Plant them outside from the end of April after the chance of frost has gone. Ensure they are in a spot that receives full sun and plant around 15cm deep adding well-rotted organic matter.

Our online retail flower bulbs provide high-quality dahlia tubers straight from the Netherlands. These are excellent value for money flowers for your garden. Large, space filling foliage is adorned with a constant supply of flowers right up to the first frosts. Discover the beauty of dahlias, versatile flowers that thrive in most soil types. They truly excel in fertile, well-drained soil.

How to Plant DahliasHow to Plant Dahlias
How to Plant Dahlias


For optimal results, we recommend planting your dahlias outdoors from the end of April, once the threat of frost has passed. Choose a sunny spot in your garden that receives full sun to enhance the growth and blooming of your dahlias. Dig a hole approximately 15cm deep and enrich the soil with well-rotted organic matter to provide essential nutrients for your plants.

Many gardeners choose to pot up their dahlias much earlier. If they are kept in a warm and light environment they will establish themselves much earlier and provide you with flowers for much longer. 

Protect Dahlias from SlugsProtect Dahlias from Slugs
Protect Dahlias from Slugs

Protecting Your Dahlias:

To safeguard your young plants from slugs, which can feast on tender shoots, take preventive measures. Place small pots filled with straw on top of canes near your dahlias. These pots serve as shelters for earwigs, which have a fondness for young plants. By removing the pots in the late afternoon, you can relocate these critters away from your dahlias.

Pinch out new dahlia growthPinch out new dahlia growth
Pinch out new dahlia growth

Encouraging Growth and Flower Production:

When your dahlias reach a height of approximately 30cm, it's beneficial to pinch out the growing tips. This technique stimulates branching and encourages the plants to produce more flowers. Additionally, remove any weak stems and pinch out the buds that develop in the base (axel) of the stem to promote stronger stems and longer flowering. For larger dahlias, staking may be necessary. Remember to remove faded flowers promptly to support continuous flower production.

Watering and Feeding:

During the summer months, ensure your dahlias receive adequate water to keep them healthy and vibrant.

Additionally, feed your plants every couple of weeks with a high potash fertiliser as soon as the flowers appear. This will provide the necessary nutrients for robust growth and abundant blooms.

Winter Care:

In winter, wait for the first hard frost to turn the dahlias black. Once this occurs, cut the plants down to around 15cm above the ground. Gently lift them from the soil, shaking off any excess soil. Place them upside down on paper to allow any remaining water to drain from the tubers. After a few weeks, when the tubers are completely dry, shake off any residual soil and dust them with sulphur to protect against mould and mildew. Store the tubers in a frost-free location, preferably in a container filled with dry to moist peat or sand throughout the winter.

Dahlia tuber divisionDahlia tuber division
Dahlia tuber division

Value for money

Uit één enkele dahliaknol kunt u in hetzelfde seizoen talloze nieuw planten kweken. Je kunt dit op 2 manieren doen.


Once the dahlia has started producing shoots, cut a shoot of 15cm from the stem of the dahlia. It helps to have a little of the stem still attached. Pot up the shoot and this will begin to produce roots.


You can cut off 1 or 2 of the bulbous storage tubers, cut above the neck ensuring there is a crown with an eye on it. Plant this tuber in a pot and keep moist. 



The dahlia tuber's ability to generate new growth is part of what makes dahlias so important to the garden. Even small dahlia tubers can produce large plants.

Cutting flowers for the vase is a great way to encourage new blooms on the plant. They are a brilliant idea for a cutting garden.

Some of our favorite dahlias to plant are Cafe Au Lait, Bishop of Dover, Ambition.

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