Our Top 10 Allium Bulbs to Plant this Autumn

If you're looking to take your garden to the next level, alliums are the way to go. Not only are they beautiful, but they're also easy to grow and a favorite among pollinators. We've selected some of our favourite alliums to grow. You might have your own top ten but our gardens are never without these reliable performers.

Allium Ambassador

A true perennial giant, Ambassador is a marvel in any garden. Its strong purple flowers form a dense, tightly-packed head that stands out among tall alliums. Each flower has a broader, softer shape, making it a perfect specimen for those who appreciate symmetry and strength in their blooms.

Allium Toabago

There’s something wonderfully uplifting about Toabago. Each flower starts near the center and gradually extends outward, creating a dynamic display of short and long stems topped with star-like blooms. Plus, the shade of purple is simply fantastic.

Allium Sphaerocephalon

I can't recommend these enough. They're affordable, brilliant, and boast a perfect egg shape—two-thirds pure purple, one-third bright green. Known as drumsticks, these alliums last from the end of June into July, providing weeks of vibrant color. Plant as many as you can—you won’t be disappointed.

Allium Ursinum

Known as wild garlic, Ursinum bulbs are soft and fleshy, resembling tiny tusks. They have a pungent aroma that hints at their culinary potential. The leaves offer a mild garlic flavor, perfect for cooking. Aesthetically, they naturalize well in shaded areas, often forming carpets of sparkling white flowers in woodlands, coupled with a delightful herby aroma.

Allium Purple Sensation

It's no wonder Purple Sensation is one of the best-selling bulbs of all time. These strong purple flowers are the perfect size for any garden, large or small. They’re an affordable focal point in late spring and a reliable bloomer year after year. Though the flowering size and timing can be inconsistent, the staggered growth adds a dynamic touch to your garden.

Allium Nigrum

While white stipitatum alliums are lovely, their seed heads can be overwhelmingly green. Nigrum, however, boasts bold white flowers that make a striking impact, despite their semi-dome shape. It’s a beautiful addition to any garden.

Allium Violet Beauty

This pale allium features lightweight spheres of star-shaped flowers and returns prolifically each year. While it might not be as showy as some of the more vibrant alliums, it sits effortlessly in harmony within garden beds, earning its place year after year.

Allium Cristophii

Their silver star-adorned spherical heads are breathtaking and instantly recognisable. Very large blooms that dazzle in the sunlight. Perhaps the best allium for cutting. 

Allium Moly

Moly is a modest yet delightful allium, with pure yellow flowers that twist and wind around the lower levels of your garden beds. Though not large, the bright yellow provides a burst of color between spring and summer, making it a cheerful addition.

Allium Globemaster

A giant but stout allium, Globemaster features an enormous dome that expands week after week. With a thick stem standing only 70 cm high, it holds hundreds of tiny purple flowers. It’s a favorite for bees and a true spectacle in any garden.

How can you tell the difference between alliums?

Alliums come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. While many are known for their purple, spherical blooms, there are also alliums with white, yellow, and even green flowers, as well as varying heights and flower head shapes. Look carefully at the height of the stem, the shape of the flower, the subtle variations of colour and you'll begin to see huge differences between these big purple globes.

Why should you buy alliums?

  • They are mostly perennial, offering year-after-year blooms.
  • They're a favorite for pollinators, helping to support local ecosystems.
  • Alliums have long-lasting flowers, providing extended visual interest.
  • They make excellent cut flowers for indoor arrangements.
  • Alliums are easy to grow, making them perfect for gardeners of all skill levels.

How do I plant alliums?

Planting Alliums is no different to any other bulb. Dig a hole and pop them in.

They prefer well draining soil, plenty of moisture and lots of sun.

For a detailed guide on planting alliums, check out our Allium Planting Guide.



Some of our favourite Allium pictures from our garden


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