How to plant snowdrops

How to plant snowdrops

Snowdrops with their sparkling bell-like, white flowers emerge pluckily even in the depths of the hardest winter. They’re available in many varieties and by planting several different ones you can extend the flowering period from late winter into early spring. Snowdrops can take a year to re-establish so be patient. When they establish themselves they’ll reward your efforts year after year.

The best time for buying and planting snowdrops bulbs is from August to mid October. Always unpack bulbs and plant on arrival allowing approximately 75-100 to a square meter. They should be planted 10-15 cm deep and around 7-10 cm apart.

Snowdrops lend themselves particularly well to shady woodland planting with moist, well-drained, humus rich soil that does not dry out. They look especially pretty mixed with other spring flowering bulbs like winter aconites, dwarf iris, and cyclamen.

A generally unknown fact about snowdrops is that they are highly fragrant and make excellent cut flowers.

Snowdrops do best when left undisturbed. However, as they naturalise and multiply they can form congested clumps that will fail to flower. In this case, dig out part of the clump, separate the bulbs and replant in a new spot.   

Take care and use gloves when planting snowdrops as all parts could be potentially poisonous if eaten. They are also poisonous to dogs and cats.

Potential problems:

Snowdrops need a proper cold snap to perform at their best. If the winter is not cold enough they will flower just above the soil but this won’t harm them and they will flower again as normal the following year.

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