How to plant Bulbs - Spring planting plants

  1. How to plant liatrises

    Liatrises or blazing stars produce spectacular, feathery spikes of tubular flowers above compact tufts of lance-shaped leaves on stiff stems. Loved by pollinating insects, these impressive perennials will add a touch of pizzazz to the herbaceous border or wild garden. Plant en masse or try mixing with achilleas, aconites, Japanese anemones or Read more...
  2. How to plant loniceras

    Loniceras or honeysuckles are undemanding, vigorous shrubs producing delightfully scented blooms that are often followed by small round berries in the summer. Extremely versatile, they can be used as ground cover, hedging plants or can be trained against a wall. Plant in fertile, humus-rich soil, moist but well-drained soil in sun. Apply a Read more...
  3. How to plant jasiones

    Jasiones or sheep's bits produce bright scabious-like flowers on tall slender stems above dense foliage. Native to temperate Europe and the Mediterranean, these lovely perennials loved by pollinating insects will equally be at home in the rockery, wild garden or front/middle of the border. Try mixing with campanulas and scabiosas or interlace with Read more...
  4. How to plant dichelostemmas

    Dichelostemmas or brevoortias are fantastic perennials native to Northwestern United States producing clusters of tubular to bell-shaped flowers held on slender stems above grass-like foliage. Try mixing with narcissi and tulips in the wild or meadow garden. Plant around 10 cm deep in well-drained soil in full sun. Always unpack on arrival and Read more...
  5. How to plant buxus

    Buxus or boxwoods are wondeful evergreen shrubs popularly used as ground cover or hedging plants. They are great companions to achilleas, asters and cosmoses. Plant in any fertile, well-drained soil. They prefer partial shade, but will tolerate full sun. Keep trimmed in summer. Always unpack and store in a cool place until ready to plant. Take Read more...
  6. How to plant sarcococcas

    Sarcococcas or Christmas boxes are non demanding, bushy everygreen shrubs bearing glossy leaves and tiny, sweetly scented, creamy flowers that will hang from the stems before being replaced by small black berries. Commonly used as ground-cover or edging plants, they are especially suited to the woodland garden or shady border. Try mixing with hardy Read more...
  7. How to plant fuchsias

    Fuchsias will grace the garden with masses of exotic, two-tone pendant flowers throughout the summer and until the first frosts. Perfect backdrop to hardy perennial plants, these garden favourites will look fantastic planted in the garden border or cascading down from hanging baskets and containers. Plant outdoors in moist, well-drained fertile Read more...
  8. How to plant cornuses (dogwoods)

    Commonly known as dogwoods, cornuses will bring decorative and structural interest to the garden throughout the seasons. In spring, these easy to grow decidious shrubs will carry clusters of delicate small white flowers that will soon be replaced by white berries turning blue-ish towards the end of the summer. In autumn, they will provide much Read more...
  9. How to plant caryopterises

    Caryopterises or bluebeards are low-growing, compact deciduous shrubs producing clusters of intense dark blue flowers and aromatic leaves subtly tinged with silver on the underside. Native to dry and warm mountains slopes found in East Asia, these robust and drought tolerant late summer/early autumn flowering woody perennials will bring structure Read more...
  10. How to plant buddlejas

    Also known as butterfly bushes, buddlejas are wonderful decorative shrubs bearing spikes of small, colourful flowers held above dense foliage on arching branches. Native to the rocky areas, scrublands and riverbanks commonly found in Africa, America and Asia, these fast-growing and easy to care for honey-scented plants will attract and sustain a Read more...

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