Things to Consider when Planting Bulbs

Muscari_azureumPlanting bulbs is something the vast majority of gardeners do every year. Growing your own flowers is exciting and getting it just right can be really rewarding, especially when they start to grow. There are a few things to consider then planting bulbs here are a few of them.

The time of year

Before you start planting bulbs check it’s the optimum time to plant, read any planting guides provided. For example, don’t buy daffodils in February. Planting bulbs at this time of year is a waste of your time and money.

Where to plant

Different bulbs require different conditions in which to grow to their full potential. When planting bulbs make sure you have enough water and light for their needs. Some bulbs like plenty of sunshine, whereas others prefer a shady nook. When planting bulbs make sure you plant to the correct depth; cyclamen need planting very shallow, almost at the top of the soil, whereas daffodils like to be planted deep. Planting bulbs correctly will reward you for many years.

Caring for them

Generally when you’re planting bulbs the care you give them will make it so much easier further down the line. Always use a good soil based compost if planting bulbs in pots, a high potash fertiliser is a perfect food. After planting bulbs let them develop and grow to around a few inches, then every two to three weeks give them a feed up to flowering and then you can stop feeding. This helps with the flower storage for the following year. Daffodils are best fed after flowering.

Once you finish planting bulbs, sit back and wait for the floral spectacle to begin.