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  1. What is Green Manuring? Can I use it at home?

    fIf you visit the tulip fields of the Netherlands in mid summer there won’t be much to see. This time of year is about the preparation of dry bulbs lifted in early summer. The bulbs are sorted into planting stock and selling stock. The flower bulbs you receive in autumn have been grown to a certain size. They are cleaned, counted and packaged Read more...
  2. Meet the team at Peter Nyssen

    At the heart of Peter Nyssen is our long serving team, deeply passionate about bulbs and the service we provide. We have plenty to say when it comes to caring for your bulbs. Stef says “Remove the head from tulips after they have flowered, so they might flower again next year”   His top recommendation is Tulip Carnival De Nice & Read more...
  3. Why order your bulbs early?

    Why order your bulbs early? There’s a problem with seasons. We love to talk about what’s in flower right now, but as all gardeners know, you need to be looking ahead for the next season. When your dahlias are in flower we have tulips for sale. And when your tulips are in flower we are selling dahlias.  Once it’s time to order, it can Read more...
  4. All You Need to Know About Flower Bulbs

    Flower Bulbs A geophyte is a term for a plant that has an underground storage system. Plants can hold moisture and food during dormant periods where conditions are not suitable for growing.  This is exactly what a bulb does. And the term bulb is often used as a blanket term for many plants that grow in this way.  The success of a bulb Read more...
  5. Dry Summers & Downpours! Is your Garden Ready for a Changing Climate?

    Dry Summers & Downpours! Is your Garden Ready for a Changing Climate?The latest UN Climate Report 2023 is a sobering call to action. Thousands of scientists are urging for technology to adapt to climate change. And adapt we must - remember those blistering hot summer days of last year? Not to mention extreme storms and downpours that are Read more...

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