Tulips from Amsterdam Collection

This collection is sold in aid of the Alzheimer's Society in memory of Max Bygraves who made the song Tulips from Amsterdam famous. 30% of sales from this collection will be donated to the Alzheimer's Society to help towards research and future treatment of this terrible illness.

10 Triumph - Cairo,
10 Triumph - Spring Green
10 Triumph - Apricot Foxx
10 Triumph - Mistress,
10 Single Early - Purple Flag,
10 Lily Flowered - Foxtrot
10 Parrot - Black Parrot.

70 Tulips in total.
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  • Colour Green, Orange, Purple
    Month of Blooming April (Early), April (Late), May (Early), May (Late)
    Planting Time Autumn, Winter
    Delivery From end August

Tulips from Amsterdam Collection

  • Mistress
  • Purple Flag