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October Gardening Jobs: what to do to get ready for spring

October Gardening Jobs: what to do to get ready for spring

October is when autumn really begins to take hold. Enjoy the wonderful colours and the last blooms of the year

Keep your fallen leaves for an excellent mulch to add in your garden beds

Make sure you have plenty of hiding places and different environments for bugs to hibernate

Enjoy the rich colours of autumn with autumn flowering bulbs such as Nerines, Colchicum, Crocus and Dahlias

Gardening jobs for October

October is a difficult month. September is usually quite warm, this coupled with a bit of extra water, will bring your garden back into life. Especially if it’s been a hot summer. It’s hard to balance the need for beginning a new season and savouring the last of the summer. It is time to be planting your spring flowering bulbs, taking out your annuals, cutting down hardy perennials and getting frost ready. Sometimes it feels like a non-starter. 

Plant in October

This is the perfect time for planting bulbs, plants and moving bare-roots around. We consider it the beginning of the gardening year. Looking ahead to the first flowers in winter such as hellebores, snowdrops and eranthis. 

Bare root season begins

Plant your peonies and bare-roots now. The window for planting bare-root plants has just begun. Between the end of October and the end of December is ideal as woody plants are in their dormant phase. 
Visit how to plant peonies

What is in flower for October?

Autumn flowering bulbs such as crocus , cyclamen and colchicum should be planted in September and ready for flowering in October and November.

Dahlias are still going strong

Your dahlias will continue to reward you with flowers. Keep cutting the flowers and more will appear. Keep an eye on the imminent frosts. Once they arrive it’s time to lift your tubers. 

Nerines are in flower

Despite the colder weather warm colours dominate October. From the earlier setting sun, shifting colours in the trees, to the hot pinks from Amaryllis Belladonna, and the ever-bold ‘Naked Ladies’. Nerines are famous for their hot pink colour but we also have white and pale pink available too.

Last chance for your lawn

There is still some growing left in your lawn. Take the opportunity to scarify and lay new turf, you can even add seed at this time. The grass will be damp, even on dry days, so remember to cut a little higher.
Try your best to manage your leaves, heavy wet leaves sitting on your lawn will not help your grass thrive. Running a lawn mower over them is one way to help reduce the load. 

Get ready for leaf mould and composting

Refresh your structures for composting, wooden structures don't last long. The key to good compost is a blend of green (grass cuttings) and brown materials (Cardboard and chippings). Whilst you are cleaning up your garden, it’s a good time to turn over your compost and make sure you are ready for an influx of autumn composting. 
Depending on the weather, rain and wind leaves will begin to accumulate. It is a precious material for leaf mould. Avoid putting leaves in your compost but use it for mulching around your plants. It is great for suppressing weeds, keeping in moisture and protecting bare soil.  
Remember that fallen leaves are a great hiding place for bugs over winter. Try and make room for hibernating bugs in your garden.

There is a definite change in the air and the days draw in. Take a moment to enjoy the effects of the low autumnal sun, the yellowing leaves, and the wet and misty mornings. October is a beautiful month.

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