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Dahlie Ambition
Dahlie Ambition Dahlie Ambition Dahlie Ambition Dahlie Ambition

Dahlie Ambition

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Die Dahlie Ambition hat magenta-rote bis violette Blüten.
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Blumengröße 10cm
Duftend Nein
Geeignet für Töpfe Ja
Pflanzendichte (pro Quadratmeter) 3-5
Pflanzposition Mitten drin, Hinten
Pflanztiefe 15cm

Ambition is a very popular cactus dahlia of pure purple. Despite its bright colour it keeps a conservative cactus shape, the florets curl into modest curls and therefore keep a nice round flower. It could also be classed a Fimriata dahlia with it's slightly frilled edges.

It is an easy dahlia to grow producing a pleasing amount of flowers from mid summer to autumn.  

How to plant Dahlia Ambition tubers

Choose a sun-kissed location for your Ambition Dahlia Tubers, allowing the sun's rays to ignite the colours of their ambitious blooms. Full sun ensures these summer wonders reach their full potential.
Place the tubers gently in the soil with the eyes facing upward, burying them 15 cm deep. Create a canvas with ample spacing between tubers, allowing each to express its unique ambition.
Enrich your soil with organic matter, crafting a fertile environment that complements the Ambition Dahlia's preference for slightly acidic to neutral soil. 
Maintain a harmonious balance of moisture, avoiding excess water. Deep, consistent watering during dry spells ensures robust root development, setting the stage for a flourishing summer spectacle.

How to care for Dahlia Ambition

  • Treat your Ambition Dahlias to a balanced fertiliser when plants reach 15 cm in height and repeat during midsummer. Follow our recommended application rates for a triumphant display.
  • Pinch the growing tips when your dahlias reach 30cm in height. This artful touch promotes bushier growth, enhancing the ambitious allure of Ambition Dahlias.
  • Consider providing stakes to support the lofty ambitions of these dahlias, ensuring they stand tall and proud in your summer garden.
  • Engage in the ritual of removing spent flowers to encourage an encore performance. Witness the magical cycle of rebirth as new buds emerge, fueling the ambition for continuous beauty.
  • Read our indepth planting guide for more information

Can Ambition Dahlia Tubers be grown in containers?

We often grow dahlias in containers when we are testing new varieties. There is no reason not to plant them in large pots. However, the tubers perform better in the ground with ample space for the foliage and roots.

When is the best time to plant Ambition Dahlia Tubers?

Plant directly into the ground from April once the frosts have passed or pot them up and begin their growth cycle early in a greenhouse

Are Ambition Dahlias suitable for cutting gardens?

Cutting gardens are a great way to mix up your flowers, plant flowers to last all season long. All dahlias will give you a good crop of flowers. Ambition are just the right size for an impressive cut flower display

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