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  1. An interview about compost with Charlotte Beaty at Natural Grower: Important information about your soil health

    If you are a gardener then you’ll appreciate the art of composting. It’s not a pleasant job. It requires space and a bit of labour, but the reward is ‘black gold’. Although, there are many things to consider. It is unarguably important to the health of your soil. But do we really know what goes into commercial compost? By making your own Lire plus...
  2. Lasagne planting - what bulbs should you plant?

    Lasagne planting is a term for planting bulbs in layers. Plant bulbs as you would in any pot. When adding multiple varieties consider how deep each one needs to go. For example tulips need to be planted 15 cm, daffodils 12-15 cm, crocus 5-8 cm deep. Big bulbs go deeper - plant less of them Small bulbs are shallower - plant more of them.  Lire plus...
  3. Bees, pollinators and more with Helen Bostock

    An interview with Helen Bostock, Senior Wildlife specialist for the RHS As a bulb supplier we are keen to promote plants and bulbs that will create habitats for bugs. We know that alliums are great for bees but what about the rest? Different flowers will encourage a broader diversity and therefore we suggest you plant as much as you can! With our Lire plus...
  4. 3 Essential November Gardening Jobs

    Place your tender plants in a greenouse, clean your gutters and insulate your autumn planted seedsPrepare your beds with mulch, and keep leaves for leaf mouldPlant your bulbs nowLift your dahlias, gladioli and other tender bulbs before the frostsThere is still time to order more autumn planting bulbsGarden jobs in November - 3 essential jobs The 3 Lire plus...
  5. October Gardening Jobs: what to do to get ready for spring

    October is when autumn really begins to take hold. Enjoy the wonderful colours and the last blooms of the yearKeep your fallen leaves for an excellent mulch to add in your garden bedsMake sure you have plenty of hiding places and different environments for bugs to hibernateEnjoy the rich colours of autumn with autumn flowering bulbs such as Nerines Lire plus...
  6. What is Green Manuring? Can I use it at home?

    1- Introduction to green manure If you visit the tulip fields of the Netherlands in mid summer there won’t be much to see. This time of year is about the preparation of dry bulbs lifted in early summer. The bulbs are sorted into planting stock and selling stock. The flower bulbs you receive in autumn have been grown to a certain size. They are Lire plus...
  7. An interview with Sophie from Sows And Grows

    We met with Sophie to discuss her garden, the importance of getting outdoors, how to plan for unpredictable weather and some of her favourite bulbs.  You may have seen her Instagram page floraldaysintheshires , which is full of great gardening advice and inspiring knowledgeable insights.  She also runs courses with her friend Helier at Lire plus...
  8. Meet the team at Peter Nyssen

    At the heart of Peter Nyssen is our long serving team, deeply passionate about bulbs and the service we provide. We have plenty to say when it comes to caring for your bulbs. Stef says “Remove the head from tulips after they have flowered, so they might flower again next year”   His top recommendation is Tulip Carnival De Nice & Lire plus...
  9. Gardening In Pots

    The biggest asset for a small garden From February to October flowers will come and go. Tulips last from March to May, Lilies from June to July, Nerines from September to October. Before you know it, your garden beds can be full of bulbs to last you through the year. Many bulbs are hardy and perennial so you can leave them in the ground, but if Lire plus...
  10. Peter Nyssen and Sustainability

    Peter Nyssen and Sustainability As horticulturalists we are already concerned with what we grow and how it impacts the environment. We sell millions of bulbs and plants each year, which can be important to our ecology, although there are many aspects of the industry that can be improved upon.  We are a relatively small business but feel we Lire plus...

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