Lasagne planting - what bulbs should you plant?

Lasagne planting - what bulbs should you plant?

Lasagne planting is a term for planting bulbs in layers.

Plant bulbs as you would in any pot. When adding multiple varieties consider how deep each one needs to go. For example tulips need to be planted 15 cm, daffodils 12-15 cm, crocus 5-8 cm deep.

  • Big bulbs go deeper - plant less of them
  • Small bulbs are shallower - plant more of them. 

It doesn't matter if they're in a pot or in your beds, the principle is the same.  Lasagne planting can be applied to anywhere you want to plant bulbs. 

Lasagne planting is a great way to start thinking about creative planting. Consider where you might be able to make interesting displays. Or try beautiful combinations for an enviable Instagram post! 

What bulbs should you plant in a bulb lasagne?

  • Do the bulbs want to flower at the same time?
  • Do you want to extend your flowering time?  

There are endless possibilities with how you mix your bulbs. If you are looking for a strong floral display, try planting lots of bulbs that will flower together. You can use the Month of Blooming search feature on our website. For example, here are bulbs for March and here are bulbs for May

Alternatively, make a mixture of bulbs that flower in each month to give you a long display of flowers. You may have to pinch out the dead flowers to keep it it tidy. 

Bulb Flowering times: A quick guide

Use this chart to plan what you want to plant in your pots and how you wan them to flower.

Many bulbs flower for weeks so there can also be a cross over.  You dont even have to exclusively use bulbs. Why not try some early flowering perennials like Hellebores?  

The final thing to think about is how crowed your pot will get.  

  • Foliage from the plants takes up a lot of space. You can easily over crowd  the bulbs.
  • We would recommend not planting more than 5 different types of bulb and keep the bulbs well spaced.  
  • Avoid using large alliums because their foliage is huge but smaller alliums like Moly, Roseum or Hair would be much better.  

The look you want to achieve is entirely down to you. We have numerous collections on our website that are a great starting point for inspiration.  


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