Peter Nyssen and Sustainability

Peter Nyssen and Sustainability

As horticulturalists we are already concerned with what we grow and how it impacts the environment. We sell millions of bulbs and plants each year, which can be important to our ecology, although there are many aspects of the industry that can be improved upon. 

We are a relatively small business but feel we are in a position of responsibility to inspire good practices. From farmers to our customers, we want to begin the conversation.

All the while, changing and adapting the way we work for the better.


This is what we have done

Plastic Packaging

Plastic is a resource that is necessary in many ways. For some items there is no other suitable way to transport your bulbs. However, the key to using plastic is avoiding the production of ‘new plastic’ which means we encourage you to recycle at every given opportunity. 

We have reduced our plastic packing by 5 tonnes per year since 2016. 


With a genuine biodegradable material. A starch based bag containing no plastic. Using only wind electricity to power the process, even the energy produced in the production of these bags is used as heating!

This starch based packaging differs to many other degradable plastics as it doesn’t leave any trace of plastic in the soil. 

Since we started packing our bulbs with these bags many more companies in the industry have started to use it, which is great news!




We all know the impact of transport on our carbon footprint. Fortunately, our warehouse is based in the middle of the region that grows nearly all of our bulbs. However, getting the bulbs to our customers is a different story.

That’s why we partnered with the courier DPD for all of our UK and EU shipments. DPD are renowned for their impressive carbon neutral commitment and forward thinking. We are proud to collaborate with DPD, who have maintained their carbon-neutral status since 2012, thus aligning with our values and dedication to environmental responsibility.

 You can read more about DPD’s values here


Our bulbs

Neonicotinoides are a harmful pesticide commonly used in crop production. It is a water soluble neuro-active pesticide that is absorbed into the plant and attacks vegetation eating insects. However these have been banned in the production of flowers since 2013. All bulbs produced in the Netherlands are free of these pesticides. 



What’s next?

We are always looking at ways we can change. It is our aim to work with farmers leading the way in more natural ways of production. And we want to encourage you to think about your gardens and how you can make a difference too.

A great example of this is our recent partnership with Treesource, supporting their organic tree nursery. They are planting trees and plants to enhance biodiversity in their local area. They are working to expand hedgerows, rehabilitate a wetland area and planting fruit and nut trees to maintain food production on former grazing land. As well as, planting coppice to supply woodchip for fertiliser. It’s inspirational stuff.


We are on a journey of discovery. Learning what sustainability means to you as a customer and what it means for us as an industry. We will keep you up to date with our findings and developments as we go along. 



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