Bulbe de Dahlia Waltzing Matilda ™
Bulbe de Dahlia Waltzing Matilda ™ Bulbe de Dahlia Waltzing Matilda ™

Bulbe de Dahlia Waltzing Matilda ™

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Le dahlia Waltzing Matilda produit d'envoûtantes fleurs pêche plus ou moins ponctuées de framboise, mises en valeur par d'attrayantes tiges et feuilles pourpres.

Arborant des pétales légèrement torsadés, cette variété primée par la Royal Horticultural Society apportera une touche d'originalité aux bordures, massifs et grands pots dès le mois de juillet et jusqu'aux premières gelées automnales; ses fleurs sont également très appréciées des insectes pollinisateurs.

Le dahlia Waltzing Matilda bénéficie d'une excellente tenue en vase.

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Convient aux pots de plantes Oui
Densité de plantation (par m²) 4-6
Parfumée Non
Position de plantation Au milieu, À l'arrière
Profondeur de plantation 15cm
Taille de la fleur 5cm
Dahlia tubers are perfect plants for the garden. They flower from July to November providing a continuous supply of glorious cut flowers. At Peter Nyssen we have an excellent array of dahlia tubers.

Waltzing Matilda are an exquisite dahlia where each bloom pirouettes in a graceful display of summer elegance. Broad florets with a perfect swooping point are coloured in peach and magenta, maturing as the flower progresses. Some where between a single dahlia flower showing it's round centre and a double decorative dahlia. An excellent cut flower or a warming focal point in the garden. 

How to plant Waltzing Matilda Dahlia Tubers

  • Choose a sunny stage for your Waltzing Matilda Dahlia Tubers, allowing their blossoms to twirl in the spotlight of summer sun. Full sun ensures these summer wonders waltz into their full, radiant glory.
  • Gently place the tubers in the soil with the eyes facing upward, burying them 15 cm deep. Make room for the tubers to sit comfortably in the hole with the neck just at the surface. Parts of the tuber can break off but so long at the cetral body is intact your tuber will be fine. 
  • Enrich your soil with organic matter, creating a fertile symphony that harmonizes with Waltzing Matilda Dahlia's preference for slightly acidic to neutral soil. Nurture the soil, and it will echo the melody of blooms.
  • Maintain a rhythmic balance of moisture, avoiding waterlogged soil. Consistent, deep watering during dry spells encourages robust root development, setting the stage for a breathtaking summer performance.

Care tips for dahlias

  • Treat your Waltzing Matilda Dahlias to a balanced fertilizer when plants reach 6-8 inches in height and repeat during midsummer. Follow our recommended application rates for a flourishing dance of blooms.
  • Pinch the growing tips when your dahlias reach 30 cm in height. This artful touch promotes a bushier form, enhancing the graceful allure of Waltzing Matilda Dahlias.
  • Consider providing a sturdy stake to support the majestic heights of these dahlias, ensuring they waltz through your garden with poise.
  • Engage in the delicate routine of removing spent flowers to encourage an encore performance. These dahlias should flower from mid summer right up to the first frosts. 

When is the best time to plant Waltzing Matilda Dahlia Tubers?

Plant these tubers in the spring. They are not hardy so be sure to either start them in a greenhouse or plant in April

How do I store Waltzing Matilda Dahlia Tubers for the next summer?

After the first frost, lift the tubers with care, store them in a cool, dry place, and await their grand return in the next summer. Learn more from our expert planting advice

Are Waltzing Matilda Dahlias suitable for cutting gardens?

Absolutely! Elevate your floral arrangements with the graceful beauty of Waltzing Matilda Dahlias. Cutting gardens are a great way to explore new varieties and flowering combinations. Plant them in beds along with decorative dahlias, ball and pompon dahlias or single flowering dahlias

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  • We are a friendly, family run business with more than 60 years experience
  • Our bulbs are packaged in compostable, starch based bags where possible
  • We offer bulk prices and free delivery for orders over £100
  • We supply flower bulbs in quantities large and small, for all types of gardener from the cottage potterer through to the professional landscaper



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