Waar mogelijk verpakken we onze bollen in composteerbaar folie.

Onze voorjaarsbollen worden niet met Neonicotinöiden behandeld

Why order your bulbs early?

Why order your bulbs early?

There’s a problem with seasons. We love to talk about what’s in flower right now, but as all gardeners know, you need to be looking ahead for the next season. When your dahlias are in flower we have tulips for sale. And when your tulips are in flower we are selling dahlias. 

Once it’s time to order, it can be hard to remember what you were excited about 6 months ago. 

Wish for it

We have both seasons of bulbs on our site, so whether they’re in season or not, you can either add them to your basket or add them to the wish list. When you see something you like, just visit the Peter Nyssen Website and see if we have it available for the next season. It’s a great way of thinking ahead and avoiding having to remember variety names.

However, not all bulbs will come back year after year. You can also ask us to email you when it comes back into stock!

Why would you order autumn planting bulbs as early as May?

When we first put our new season on the website the bulbs are putting on size and growing in the ground. They won’t be harvested until summer. Once the spring bulbs are lifted they are cleaned up, sized and packaged before they are ready to ship to you. We begin shipping in September but even still, some bulbs aren’t ready until later in the year. We know how hard it is to wait for an exciting package!

Beat the rest to it!

Not all bulbs are grown in huge quantities. Exclusive bulbs are grown in much smaller numbers, such as La Belle Epoque. Ordering early will give you a better chance of getting the colour combinations you really want. Plus you will get top priority when we start shipping out our packages. 

For many autumn planting bulbs the best time to plant is in October. Many will be quite happy planted earlier. Autumn flowering crocus and colchicums, for example, need to be planted by early September if you want to see any flowers in the same season. 

Pick your Delivery Week! 


Did you know that you can choose when your delivery arrives?

September can be a busy month so use this handy feature to pick the week you want your early order to arrive

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