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Dahlia Totally Tangerine
Dahlia Totally Tangerine Dahlia Totally Tangerine

Dahlia Totally Tangerine

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Roze/Oranje. Dahlia Totally Tangerine is een anemone dahlia, enkele bloemblaadjes omringen een dubbele kern. Een zeer populaire dahlia. 

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Bloemgrootte 7cm
Bolgrootte (cm) size 1
Geschikt voor potten Nee
Geurend Nee
Plantdichtheid (per vierkante meter) 3-5
Plantdiepte 15cm
Plantpositie Midden, Achter
Dahlias tubers are not just decorative, cactus, pompon or ball shaped; there are the smaller single flowered types that are loved by pollinators which allow easy access to the plentiful supply of nectar.

Totally Tangerine Dahlia Tubers, are a very decorative flower. Single outer florets with a double frilled centre. The smaller single flowered types are loved by pollinators, which allow easy access to the plentiful supply of nectar.

How to plant Totally Tangerine Dahlia Tubers

  • Select a sun-soaked spot for your dahlia tubers, allowing the vibrant hues to dance under the summer sun. Full sun is the key to unlocking the full citrusy potential of these summer wonders.
  • Gently nestle the tubers in the soil with the eyes facing upward, planting them 15cm deep. Deep enough to not force the tuber parts but allows the neck to sit at the surface. Create room to grow with generous spacing between tubers, giving each bloom the space to twirl in its citrus tango.
  • Enrich your soil with organic matter, crafting a fertile foundation that complements Totally Tangerine Dahlia's preference for slightly acidic to neutral soil. Nurture the soil, and it will reciprocate with a vibrant dance of blooms.
  • Maintain a careful balance of moisture, avoiding soggy soil. Dahlias are thirsty. Consistent, deep watering during dry spells ensures robust root development, setting the stage for a lively summer spectacle. however, tubers can rot in very wet soil so make sure your soil has good drainage.  

Care Tips:

  • Treat your Totally Tangerine Dahlias to a balanced fertilizer when plants reach 6-8 inches in height and repeat during midsummer. Follow our recommended application rates for a vivacious display.
  • Pinch the growing tips when your dahlias reach 30 cm in height. This artful touch promotes bushier growth, enhancing the energetic allure of Totally Tangerine Dahlias.
  • Consider providing gentle staking to support the lively heights of these dahlias, ensuring they stand tall and proud in your summer garden.
  • Engage in the delightful routine of removing spent flowers to encourage an encore performance. Witness the magical cycle of rebirth as new buds emerge, infusing the garden with a perpetual tangerine tango.

Can Totally Tangerine Dahlia Tubers be grown in containers?

Certainly, but make sure it is a large pot. The dahlia plant will need lots of room to anchor its roots and room for the foliage to grow.

When is the best time to plant Totally Tangerine Dahlia Tubers?

Plant these tubers in the spring, nurturing the zest for a spectacular summer. You can start your tubers in a small pot as early as march so long as you protect them from frosts. Simply transplant them in April or May.

How do I store Totally Tangerine Dahlia Tubers for the next summer?

After the first frost, lift the tubers with care, store them in a cool, dry place, and await their grand return in the next summer. Uncover expert tips here

Are Totally Tangerine Dahlias suitable for cutting gardens?

Elevate your floral arrangements with the energetic beauty of Totally Tangerine Dahlias. The soft colour scheme makes them a great partner to dahlias such as 

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