Dicentra - Lamprocapnos (Bleeding Heart)

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    Dicentra - Lamprocapnos Pink-White

    Dicentra - Lamprocapnos Pink-White

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  • Dicentra Spectabilis as we all know it; has had a name change to Lamprocapnos Spectabilis, this beautiful perennial plant has arching stems that appear from soft deep cut leaves with pendant heart shaped droplets with white tips that dangle in the air, it's also called Bleeding Hearts or Dutchman's Briches comes from.  Wear gloves when planting or cutting Dicentra as it may affect skin allergies and should not be eaten.

    Lamprocapnos/Dicentra Spectabilis look good planted near shrubs or other Perennial Plants where there arching stems can mingle through the foliage,  The pink/white variety looks good with red, white or deep pink Tulips growing though them, Alba looks good with pinks, lilac or white-green Tulips growing through them.

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