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    Iris germanica Black Knight

    Iris germanica Black Knight

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  • Iris Germanica or Bearded Iris have strong thick stems with blade like green leaves, the flowers are large and showy three petals “standards” which are upright and three petals “falls” which drape down, Iris Germanica have tiny hairs on the falls this is where they get their name Bearded Iris the tiny hairs are usually yellow or soft orange, which the Bees love.

    Iris Siberica or Siberian Iris has smaller delicate flowers than the Bearded Iris, these Perennial Plants are perfect for planting in moist ground, the margins of a pond they work well with Grasses. Care should be taken with Iris always wear gloves and no part should be eaten. Planted en mass these Perennial Plants have the wow factor. Iris encourage pollinating insects.

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