Indoor Flowering Narcissus Paperwhite Ziva

Paper white narcissi are fabulous for indoor planting. They flower within 6 to 8 weeks from plantingand provide stunning clusters of white flowers with a beautiful fragrance.

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  • Colour White
    Month of Blooming January, November, December
    Planting Time Autumn, Winter
    Height 40 cm
    Special Features Fragrant, Good for Cut Flowers
    Garden Position Sun, Partial shade
    Type of Soil Moderately Fertile, Well Drained
    Hardiness Indoor
    Delivery From end August
  • Plant the narcissi bulbs in a good compost JI2 with the tops out of the soil. Narcissi can also be grown in pebbles. Add water to just below the top of the pebbles then place the narcissi so they are almost touching and add a few more pebbles to half way up the bulb. To prevent mould and rot it is important the base of the narcissi do not come into contact with the water. Once potted or packed in pebbles, place in a dark place for a couple of weeks to allow the roots to develop. Once established, bring into the light in a cool room. If the temperature is too high they will bolt and become very long.

Indoor Flowering Narcissus Paperwhite Ziva