Prepared Hyacinth White Pearl

This beautiful prepared hyacinth has pure white blooms with a lovely fragrance.

Autumn Planting (Spring Flowering) bulbs are not available at present. They can be ordered from April. In the meantime, why not add your favourites to your wishlist ready to transfer to your shopping basket later?

This product is sold in 5s.

  • Plant these lovely prepared hyacinths to scent your home naturally.
    Colour White
    Month of Blooming January, December
    Planting Time Autumn, Winter
    Special Features Fragrant, Good for Cut Flowers
    Garden Position Sun, Partial shade
    Type of Soil Moderately Fertile, Well Drained
    Hardiness Hardy, Indoor
    Delivery From end August
  • Prepared Hyacinths are specially treated to enable them to flower at Christmas.

    Pot Prepared Hyacinths in loam-based potting compost JI No.2. You can also use bulb fibre but avoid peat based compost. Wet the compost and place a layer at the bottom of the pot. Place the bulbs close together without touching then cover with more compost/ fibre. Ensure the tips of the bulbs remain just above the top of the compost. Keep the pots in a cold dark place  around 9 degrees C (48 degrees F) for around 10-12 weeks to allow the root system to develop. Check the moisture level from time to time and water sparingly if they become dry. When the shoots are around 5cm, gradually increase the light and temperature. Do not bring them into the light and warmth too soon or they are likely to produce elongated leaves and weak flowers.  If the leaves start to develop quicker than the buds put them back in a cool place and cover with a cloth for a few days (but no more).  When watering the bulbs it is important not to get any water on the shoots as this can cause the flower to rot. Avoid water logging the compost, damp conditions together with poor drainage can cause rot and fungal diseases. When flowering is finished plant the bulbs outside in the garden. Gloves should be word in the planting process as hyacinth bulbs can be an irritant. Furthermore, they are harmful if eaten.

Prepared Hyacinth White Pearl