Bulb Basket Round (set of 3)

This practical product is perfect for either the garden with little space or for those who do not want to leave the bulbs in place while they die back. The bulb baskets are ideal for tulips, miniature narcissi and other small bulbs. Pack of 3. Bulb basket size 26 cm x 7.5 cm deep

Simply fill the bulb basket with soil and evenly space the bulbs gently pushing the bulbs in to the soil to just cover the base.

Dig a hole to the correct depth; place the basket then replace the soil, the bulbs will grow as normal. After flowering just lift the baskets and store until all the green growth has died back, keep moist and feed to help with flower storage.

You can then take the bulbs out of the baskets, store the bulbs in sacks or trays where there is air circulation and it stays cool. You can then reuse the bulb baskets simply replace with fresh soil and plant your summer flowering bulbs like, Gladioli or Begonias.

This product is sold as 1 set of 3 baskets


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  • If space is a premium in the garden and you can’t wait for the bulbs to die back then these bulb baskets are a good solution, once the bulbs have finished flowering simply lift the bulbs baskets from the soil you can then replace with summer flowering bulbs.

Bulb Basket Round (set of 3)