Snowdrop Galanthus Single (Nivalis Simplex) In The Green Bulb
Snowdrop Galanthus Single (Nivalis Simplex) In The Green Bulb Snowdrop Galanthus Single (Nivalis Simplex) In The Green Bulb Snowdrop Galanthus Single (Nivalis Simplex) In The Green Bulb Snowdrop Galanthus Single (Nivalis Simplex) In The Green Bulb

Snowdrop Galanthus Single (Nivalis Simplex) In The Green Bulb


Delivery: From mid Feb

Snowdrops in the green are actively growing bulbs. Easily place them in your garden for a successful display of the iconic snowdrop flower. 

FOR SEPARATE DELIVERY TO THE UK ONLY - we regret we can not supply Northern Ireland or Europe.



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Colour White
Delivery period From mid Feb
Garden Position Shade, Partial shade
Hardiness Hardy
Height 10 cm
Month of Blooming January, March (Early)
Planting Density (per square m) 75-100
Planting Depth 10cm
Planting Position Front border
Planting Time Spring, Summer
Scented Yes
Special Features Naturalising
Suitable for Pots Yes

The enchantment of early spring snowdrops is a welcome break from the long wet winter. Snowdrops in the Green are the easiest way to bring up these delicate blooms that emerge as winter retreats. A definitive mark of spring’s arrival. At Peter Nyssen, we invite you to embrace the charm of these pre-grown wonders, infusing your garden with the promise of springtime bliss.

Snowdrops in the green are lifted from sustainable sources in the UK. A careful balance of making room for these natualising woodland bulbs and allowing stocks to continue to thrive. 

Bulbs in the green are bulbs that have been growing over winter, ensuring each bulb is a successful growing plant. It is also the best way to grow

How to plant Snowdrops in the Green

  • Plant Snowdrops in the Green in late winter or early spring when they arrive with their fresh, green foliage. Choose a location with well-drained soil and dappled sunlight to welcome their graceful blooms.
  • Dig a hole deep enough to accommodate the bulbs and their surrounding roots. Gently place the bulbs in the hole, ensuring the soil level matches that of the surrounding garden bed.
    A white mark on the stem will indicate how deep to plant them, between 8-10cm.
  • Enrich the soil with organic matter to provide essential nutrients for the Snowdrops. Well-draining soil is crucial to prevent waterlogging and encourage healthy root development.
  • Water the bulbs thoroughly after planting to settle the soil and kickstart their journey to springtime splendor. Maintain consistent moisture, especially during dry spells, to support the bulbs as they transition into their summer slumber.
  • Remember that snowdrop bulbs are clump forming and can be planted in small groups
  • You can also plant them individually by dibbing holes for individual plants.

You can read more on planting biulbs in the green in our indepth planting guide

How to care for Snowdrops in the Green

  • Snowdrops are low-maintenance, but a sprinkle of a balanced, slow-release fertiliser in early spring can provide a gentle nutrient boost.
  • Allow the foliage to wither naturally after the flowers have faded. This allows the bulbs to store energy for the next growing season. Resisting the urge to remove the foliage prematurely ensures a healthy return.
  • Snowdrops in the Green can be left undisturbed to naturalise over time, creating drifts of delicate blooms that multiply and spread, adding a touch of woodland magic to your garden.
  • You can divide the bulbs every 3-4 years to spread them further in your garden

Can Snowdrops in the Green be planted in containers?

While they are best suited for garden beds, Snowdrops can be planted in containers with well-draining soil for a charming touch on patios or balconies.

When is the best time to plant Snowdrops in the Green?

Plant these bulbs in late winter or early spring when they arrive with their fresh foliage, signaling the beginning of the blooming season. They will flower between February and April but so long as the foliage is still green they will be ok to plant ready for planting next year.

Do Snowdrops in the Green need full sunlight?

While they tolerate partial shade, Snowdrops prefer dappled sunlight. Choose a location that receives filtered sunlight for a magical display.

How do I divide Snowdrops in the Green?

Dividing is not necessary, but if you choose to, lift and divide clumps after the foliage has withered. Replant the bulbs at the appropriate spacing for a naturally elegant look.

Why you should order your Bulbs in the Green from Peter Nyssen

  • We are a friendly, family run business with more than 60 years experience
  • Our bulbs are packaged in compostable, starch based bags where possible
  • We offer bulk prices and free delivery for orders over £100
  • We supply flower bulbs in quantities large and small, for all types of gardener from the cottage potterer through to the professional landscaper


Pure white. Please note when handling and especially if children are helping to plant, all parts of the Snowdrop may cause mild stomach upset if eaten; contact with the bulbs may cause skin irritation we recommed gloves when planting or lifting & dividing.
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