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  1. Dahlia Gallery Art Deco ®
    Dahlia Gallery Art Deco ®
    • £3.20 for 1
    • £29.00 for 10
  2. Dahlia Gallery Art Fair ®
    Dahlia Gallery Art Fair ®
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  3. Dahlia Gallery Art Nouveau ®
    Dahlia Gallery Art Nouveau ®
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  4. Dahlia Gallery Bellini ®
    Dahlia Gallery Bellini ®
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  5. Dahlia Gallery Leonardo ®
    Dahlia Gallery Leonardo ®
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  6. Dahlia Gallery Matisse ®
    Dahlia Gallery Matisse ®
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  7. Dahlia Gallery Monet ®
    Dahlia Gallery Monet ®
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    • £29.00 for 10
  8. Dahlia Gallery Valentin
    Dahlia Gallery Valentin
    • £3.20 for 1
    • £29.00 for 10
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9 Items

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Gallery Dahlias are a newer form of dahlias. They have short stems but are abundant in fully double flowers.

Gallery Dahlias are excellent planted at the front of the border or in containers where their beautiful flowers are best seen.

What is a gallery dahlia?

Gallery dahlias are a delightful variety of flowers from the dahlia genus, commonly known for their compact form and abundant display. Gallery dahlias typically reach a height of about 3--50cm, making them a perfect choice for borders or as a part of a layered plant arrangement. The flowers are often reflexed in a nice double flowering form. Typically named after art movements or famous artists throughout history. 

Their flowers bloom in a variety of rich colours and resemble pompoms or waterlilies, with a more petite size compared to their larger counterparts. They also make for the perfect cutting plant due to their continuous blooms and vibrant flowers, making them ideal for us in the garden or as a cut arrangement in the home.

Why you should order your hardy gallery dahlia tubers from Peter Nyssen

  • We are a friendly, family run business with more than 60 years experience
  • Our bulbs are packaged in compostable, starch based bags where possible
  • We offer bulk prices and free delivery for orders over £100
  • We supply flower bulbs in quantities large and small, for all types of gardener from the cottage potterer through to the professional landscaper

How to plant and care for gallery dahlias

To get the most out of your gallery dahlias, consider these tips:

  • Gallery dahlias thrive when planted in locations that get 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight a day
  • Plant in well-draining soil Use bullet point list - Plant dahlia tubers about 30cm apart to give each plant enough room to mature
  • Ensure that the tuber sits 5cm below the soil surface, with the eye of the tuber facing upwards
  • Gallery dahlias are excellent planted at the front of the border or in containers where their beautiful flowers are best seen
  • Water regularly, particularly during dry seasons
  • Use a low-nitrogen fertiliser or compost to encourage blooms and avoid too much foliage growth
  • Remove spent flower heads to promote new growth

For guidance on how to get the best from your dahlias, refer to our detailed dahlia planting guide. Browse our stunning collection of gallery dahlia tubers online today or take a look at our wider range of bulbs to plant in spring for the ultimate selection. For help and advice, call our team on 0161 747 4000.

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